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Message Subject Balcones Fault Line in Texas
Poster Handle Topaz
Post Content
Just went back & read this thread over again >> slow & thorough + looked at the SMU link, studied it good too...

Man, this is some really freaky stuff here being talked about ... am now realizing even more than ever how the shale fracking process is actually more like the evil forces at work while pretending to benefit humanity with 'new' forms of energy production. But what they are really doing is creating means by which to bring about the total destruction of our natural world in every way possible = kill mother earth = kill the divine creation YIKES!

And the destructive fracking = fissuring & creating crevices far deep down below the soil is in itself like lighting the fuse to something that could truly result in creating vast shifting and literally split places apart, trigger things in ways that could really be vast disasters beyond any remediation ... how are we to know !??!

Also consider how each well can have hundreds of cracks going ever which-a-way for miles and also extending deeper into lower levels of strata + actually change the flow of groundwater into areas like uranium rock. In places west of Dallas where most all the drilling in that region is ongoing, the water wells are showing up with RADIOACTIVE WATER [do search keywords: radioactive wells texas" = on google or bing ) + there are spills from all the tanker trucks and site leaks and it is totally crazy stuff happening:

Barnett Shale Radioactive Waste is Carcinogenic and has a 1,622 Year Half-Life
[link to www.texaskaos.net]

Then there's all the raw methane that's being released into the soil itself underground then bubbling up into rivers & lakes, stock tanks + the local atmosphere [[the air we all breath to stay *ALIVE*]] due to leakage along pipes, @ drill sites & processing plants ( springing up like weeds all over the countryside).

Not only here but these things happening in other states too, of course. The local news in DFW reports recently that CHINA has already been allowed to buy much of the drilling rights across the entire southern half of Texas and now they been meeting in Fort Worth in past month to make deals around that area of DFW for gaining a foothold in the region of Barnett Shale - west of Dallas (HOLY SH!T !! ]]

Let me get this right: not only the O on the throne but also Congress & Texas Gov Perry & all their cohorts are in cahoots for letting one of the U.S. sworn enemies who is against all human rights and freedom (= Communist China government = military), to come in to this nation & gain control over the resources on & in our lands to obtain desired products = gas that is being extracted via methods that are or will eventually sicken/kill-off the American citizens. Meanwhile, the Chinese will use this gas or sell / give it to whomever they please ,,,, omg!

And then there's what they're also doing to our water -- injecting the poison sludge water down into ground not only here in Texas but secretly buying up land in surrounding states and trucking it to hidden, illegal, injections wells to offload it into local water streams deep underground ... ugghhhhh, felt sudden shudder of cold chills go down spine; GOD HELP US ! lookin' that we all be up sh!t creek fer sure!
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