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Message Subject Balcones Fault Line in Texas
Poster Handle Topaz
Post Content
And guess what .... there's actually an extinct VOLCANO on the outskirts of Austin, Texas; called PILOT KNOB !

Most people don't know that the field of extinct volcanoes across New Mexico (the "Volcano" State = the only place in the world with every type of volcano known) also extended a bit southwest into Texas & down towards Mexico across the far western regions into Central Plains ... the ones that are easy to see are these -- info is per Wiki:

5 of the better known extinct volcanoes in Texas
1. Pilot knob - Austin Texas
2. Paisano Volcano (Fort Davis)
3. Burro Mesa (Big Bend national Park)
4. Sierra Quemada (Big Bend national Park)
5. Buckhorn Caldera (Fort Davis)

There are actually more than 70 volcanoes identified in Texas so far & have read studies that there are also some clusters that are underwater along the coastal areas south of Houston (somewhere saw threads likely here or ??/ that these volcanoes along Gulf Coast area may have played a role in the BP oil disaster in some way (?).... dont' recall exact info now).
 Quoting: Topaz

Topaz - Thank you for posting this very interesting information!

I am learning a lot about Texas that I didn't know, even though I'm a native!

Had no idea about the extinct volcanoes.
Yes, Texas has sure had some rough times recently. The drought was terrible, so sad for animals and property owners.

The weather is very weird these days, warm winter, plants blooming several weeks early, summer temps in May, etc.

In this area, there are gas wells all over the place - at one point, you could look in any direction and see the rigs. Now, there are huge pipelines running everywhere. They put in two very large ones behind our property shortly after we bought our house - the builder did not disclose that information even though they had to know it was going to be done.

I've done a lot of research and there are several groups that have organized because of the major health and environmental concerns by residents of the county.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15647210

You are most welcome OP & any others that really want to know about things... was raised up just west of DFW in the Parker ranchlands where all the drillings' going on now and it is like a nightmare to see how our beautiful countryside has turned into hell-world all around here (and do mean HELL too --> like in a greased handbasket shot down an injection well!).

Anybody around these parts in DFW area should take a little trip going south from Weatherford to Cleburne as that's where your mind will be totally blown away ... as that town has been transformed into a miniature version of **"Texas City"** with dozens of gas processing stations all over the place !!! The smaller gas units seen around Aledo and other little areas are simply compressor stations that then send the gas down thru bigger pipelines to Cleburne for processing.

Also know that Fort Worth is the first big city in USA to allow drilling inside the city itself now + even in neighborhoods. Wherever there are fracking well sites put in, then there are going to be pipelines & then things get even more scary as you don't realize that all little pipelines feed into larger ones and that those are along the streets & parks, even by playgrounds at schools. And a big pipeline can blow up about 4-6 blocks all directions = nothing left, everybody dead .... remember that one neighborhood in California about year or 2 ago ????

Truly, everyone needs to see this presentation linked below --> it really explains lots about gas pipelines (relates to the drilling too) to help understand all the dangers & how having all this around any town or city areas with homes, schools, hospitals right next to the well sites is INSANITY !

Download the "State of Natural Gas Pipelines in Fort Worth" report. (9.5MB)
[link to www.fwlna.org]

** Anyone that's ever been down to Houston then drove down south of the city past NASA's JSC area on towards Galveston Island along I-45 south knows exactly what the term "Texas City" means as it is miles & miles of oil refineries & chemical plants one after another along the Houston Ship Channel; that is one of the largest oil tanker ports in the world I think ...

The various oil processing plants also stretch along the coastline too - including all the gasoline producers - and chemical factories too,,, they have even more facilities that go all the way along the Gulf Coast from that Houston region eastwards into Louisiana's coast almost to New Orleans. A person can only understand the true significance and how vast is this conglomerate by not only taking a trip to view it all but also by studying up on that region (and most everybody in USA is clueless about all this except those ones that live/work in that area or industry)...


Anyhow, time to hit the hay ... plz keep this thread going all this week if possible as feel that we really do need to brainstorm much of what's being shared here & connect some dots asap!

Blessings & Prayers for Divine Intervention !
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