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Message Subject Balcones Fault Line in Texas
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There's been recent talk about the Balcones Fault Line in Texas, which many people don't know about, while others believe it's showing signs of activity.

The Balcones Fault Line runs along the I-35 corridor from Waco through Austin and past San Antonio. West of the line, lies the Hill Country. East of the lines, are the Texas Coastal Plains. There are hundreds of those fault lines splitting out from the main one running East.

Here's a map showing the fault line:

[link to geology.heroy.smu.edu]

And I found this interesting post on a past thread here at GLP:

The are three faults that run together, in a point, about a quarter mile north of Williams Square, in Irving. I used to have a map from the USGS but it's been removed on purpose.
The faults are The Quachita Thrust Front, The Balcones Fault, and the East Texas Uplift.

When the 5+ event struck Alpine, Tx in 1995, we felt it in Irving, as I lived and was at work that night. Though these have never been very active, I expect they soon will be much more so.

Know that Downtown Dallas, from Central Expressway to Stemmons on the west to just above downtown to 20 on the south or almost that far sit on a sinkhole.

When an event over six strikes there, the limestone bedrock will fracture and the area will sink apporx. 250 feet straight down.
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Nice thread OP.
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