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Christians : God and the subconscious mind

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05/07/2012 11:08 AM
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Christians : God and the subconscious mind
Angels and Demons:

According to the bible nobody has ever seen the invisible God, God the father in his true form.

No man hath seen God at any time, the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the father, he hath declared him.
John 1:18

And he (God) said, Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live.
Exodus 33:20

People have, however, seen manifestations of God. Moses saw God manifested as a burning brush. Jacob saw God manifested as an angel. The list goes on and the point of this thread is not to question whether or not anyone has ever seen God. Now nobody has seen the true form of God. Yes people have seen manifestations of God but that is something different.

Now when God wills to send either an angel or evil spirit to someone he might give them a visual form so that the person may perceive with his visual sense the manifestation of the angel, spirit, invisible entity. Here is my question: How does God decide the visual manifestation of the angel, spirit etc that he sends to a person? Perhaps it is through the subconscious mind that he does this. God knows our every thought, our every desire, he knows of everything we have repressed, and he is known this since before we were ever born. What does the subconscious mind have anything to do with the appearance of the invisible things created by God ?

Subconsciously we all have our beliefs on what angels and demons look like. Over time we read more about them and often our beliefs in what they look like changes. Once I read in the bible about angels appearing to people in the bible and the first thing they often say is "do not be afraid." Well let me say that after that I didnt think angels to be these fat little babies with tiny wings fluttering all nimby bimbly(super troopers)about. In fact it seems quite evident that they appear in quite a frightful form. But how exactly do they appear to people, and is there form always the same ?

If art is any indicator then the answer is no. But we are not here to discuss art, that will wait for another day. This is about the subconscious mind, and the invisible.

Now suppose that a person has a subconsious fear of spiders. Let us imagine that another person subconsciously associates the color red with war. An evil spirit might appear as a spider or several spiders. It may appear as a person with spiders crawling all over them. The second person may see an angel of war whos dressed in red or has red features. Is this the true form of these invisible spirits ?

How about God ? Why has he manifested in the forms that He has ? Moses saw him as a burning bush Job as a whirlwind and Jacob as an angel. If you look all three of these are rather fierce looking things. These are the things that would make a person stop and take notice. Subconsiously these are also things that a person might attribute to God.

I have had dreams where an angel has visited me and I will say right now, they didn't look anything like how I would have imagined them. But, perhaps another aspect to this is researching the angel finding out what they are the angel of and then slowly realizing.

They appeared close to the idea repressed in the sub-conscious mind. God can and does and will search our hearts our minds and our sub conscious minds and all of this for divine will.

I think it is fascinating stuff. How about you ?

[link to www.youtube.com]


[link to www.share-international.org]
[link to www.heisnear.com]
[link to bci.org]
[link to www.discover-your-mind.co.uk]

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04/03/2014 12:52 AM
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Re: Christians : God and the subconscious mind
I found this absolutely terrifying, Op. I'm going through a spiritual crisis right now and I'm starting to think god and satan are both egotistical demons that love being huge A*holes to humanity. I think they had this stuff planned from the beginning just to screw with us.