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David Duke-Helping to smooth the Syrian tensions?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 44603
11/28/2005 04:52 AM
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David Duke-Helping to smooth the Syrian tensions?
Whatever you think of David Duke, his trip to Syria to promote understanding between Syrians and Americans seems to be having an effect.

Is it good or bad?
read the rest of the article at davidduke.com

Syria -- and the world -- are waking up to the deadly danger of Jewish supremacism.

by SGT Damascus
Translated by GMT International

OFFICIALS IN the Syrian Public Relations Association say that Dr. David Duke, a former member of the House of Representatives in Louisiana, has dramatically improved the view of the Syrian people and the entire Arabic Middle East toward Americans.

An antique dealer in the Old City of Damascus said, "Dr. David Duke made me realize that the American people are quite different than the Jewish extremist Neocons who now control American foreign policy."

Jameel, a coed student at the University of Damascus said that she now realizes more clearly that in some ways America is occupied -- much like parts of Syria such as the Golan Heights. "Here, the Jewish supremacists do it with guns. In America they do it through media control and political bribery. We are all victims of the same problem."