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NORAD, the NSA in Utah, DUMBS, and Lovelock Cave: Karmic Historical Repetition

The Burning Times
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05/07/2012 07:00 PM
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NORAD, the NSA in Utah, DUMBS, and Lovelock Cave: Karmic Historical Repetition
The Paiutes are a Native American tribe indigenous to the states of Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. According to legend, those who lived in the Nevada area were once tormented by a race of giants with distinctly red hair. The Paiutes called these giants “Si-Te-Cah”, and accused them of all manner of villainy including cannibalism. They were described as being up to 12 feet tall and having white skin.

The Si-Te-Cah and the Paiutes went to war, and after many years of bloodshed they’d managed to dwindle the population of the giants to a mere handful of individuals. Those who remained fled the advancing Paiutes and hid in a cave. The Paiutes demanded that their adversaries emerge and fight, but the Si-Te-Cah refused and remained hidden in their lair. The sanctuary was soon to become their tomb, as the Paiutes filled the entrance with brush and set it ablaze.

It is said that some of the giants did emerge in an effort to escape the fire, but their escape was short lived as they were greeted by the waiting arrows of the Paiutes. The rest of the Si-Te-Cah were obviously either burned or asphyxiated by the smoke from the blaze.

[link to extraordinaryintelligence.com]

The Golden Bough/The Burning of Human Beings in the Fires

[link to en.wikisource.org]