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Non-GMO Stores, products, and easy / cheap buys! [Collaborative thread for ideas on healthy living and eating]

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United States
05/07/2012 07:15 PM
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Non-GMO Stores, products, and easy / cheap buys! [Collaborative thread for ideas on healthy living and eating]
Hello everyone :D

I went to the local Dollar Tree store, and went looking through the products to see if there was anything for sale that was healthy for you...

I found "Harmonies" Good healthy natural foods multi-grain chili queso chips.

Non-GMO, no preservatives or any chemicals.

I have been seeing a lot of companies pick up on the "NO GMO" trend.

So, after seeing that I went to Wegmans.

Wegmans seems to have the largest selection of snacky Non-GMO and healthy foods that I can find, aside from an organic health food store (few and far between, they get bought or outed by big box stores)

In this thread, I will post every reply I get that gives a suggestion of a good store, place, or brand of snack or real food that is Non-GMO and organic that can be easily obtained at most stores.

Post anything you buy that is organic or a cheap buy with healthy ingredients!

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