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Masonic Word

User ID: 1170566
United States
05/08/2012 02:11 PM
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Masonic Word
To the imbecile who uses the F. word you have no idea just how much of an idiot you sound like I only can contribute this to your lack of education, Intelligence, self worth and just plain ignorant. There is another fundamental reason and that is when the two people who enjoyed intercourse that one was a brainless who should have been aborted at his birth and the female who allowed such a low life simpleton to enter her virginal love nest of tainted seaman that Iím sure was entered by many a member of all the male population of the northeast corroder alone with the foulest beast of pray and any living or dead subhuman that needed rest and libation in the hell hole of a city she came from. In other words Daddy was a dimwitted jackass and Mommy opened wide to whoever needed a hot spot to relieve him seamen or urine she liked it all.