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An Open Message to Oliver Williams

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User ID: 1518033
05/09/2012 02:15 AM
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An Open Message to Oliver Williams
I was unable to call your show because I'm just now getting the YouTube clip of it.

I sent a few emails to the show but received no responses. So I'm posting here hoping someone will pass it on to you.

I would like to answer some questions you addressed to callers who claimed to be John Titor.

I feel very bad that you are getting death threats from people because they don't like what John Titor said.

What did John Titor's father do after the war?
I'm not John Titor 1. I believe his father went up and down the river carting oranges and selling orange wine. It just smacks of the plot of "Alas Babylon".

My father is a military pilot and even though he had a low rank was the purchaser of some amazing technology for the military. He is from West Texas as am I.

My Stats
I'm from the U.S.A.
I'm white (German, Cherokee, English, Scottish, Irish a bit of French)
45 years old.
Born 1967
U.S. Army service.

What is happening at CERN?

You don't want to know least someone character assassinate you and make you out to be Eloi Cole II.

Are you also getting death threats?

Yes I do. But they stop. I believe there are people who dress in black who are taking care of people who seriously intend to do me and mine harm. That's also a warning to people taking pictures of children.
[link to www.youtube.com]

Are aliens real, U.F.O.s?

Answer: I'm now fully convinced that people from our future and people from other planets are here helping me and others ensure our future. I'm confident about it now.

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