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Subject gay is not an illuminati agenda
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
manipulation and division is the agenda folks. jesus didn't preach intolerance, he actually says in matthew that if man accept it he should. the agenda of the illuminati isn't to make everyone gay, do you have any idea how retarded you sound saying that? you've only put 1 piece of the puzzle together. the agenda is to create bullshit division topics like homosexuality and abortion in front of your face, manipulate you with a bastardly edited version of legitimate theory and convince you to be so worked up about being on gods side you forget that the bible states 'the kingdom of god is not within on man (jesus) but all men. we are all of the kingdom of god. keep spreading your intolerance and hatred, the illuminati love that, it's managed to keep americans distracted while they rob your jobs, wealth, gold, currency, property, and health. yet you want to point at the gays and say IT'S YER FAULT. americas problem isn't homsexuality, americas problem is division. it's U N I T E D states of america. and they've manipulated you out of the meaning of that word. dance puppets dance.
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