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This time its different.... A Perfect little rant =)

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United States
05/10/2012 12:00 PM
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This time its different.... A Perfect little rant =)
rantI hope the Ron Paul delegates who are in Romney slots Vote Ron Paul on the first ballot, to send a statement takin that Romney couldnt get true delegates on his side. Im not a firm beliver in a politician but the views he puts forth are the only ones that can move us to where we can actually pay our debt as inteded instead of pushing it down the road. A citezen never gets rid of his/her debt thanks to the federal reserve. Thats why our National Debt will never be paid for unless we change our monetary policy, so im 21 looking to the future as Garbage unless its changed now. I see the "adults" and how life is now, thinking wow this is going to suck, im going to have to work until 95. We cant discharge our Debt unless you know how to, the average american dosent. The Nations credit is backed by its people, therfore when we sign a check, or any statement furthering Money we creat it. Just like getting a Loan WE have to sign it to creat it. Then its all backed by thin air and we spend 35years trying to pay off our own "money" with interest lol. A bank is a system as is our Gov, but yet we put it before Human Beings.... NOT (Persons,Person,Debtor,Citezen,etc..) WHAT A JOKE...rant