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AP(NEWS)Obamas Support Problem Is With Whites Who Lack College Degree!!WTF

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05/10/2012 04:40 PM
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AP(NEWS)Obamas Support Problem Is With Whites Who Lack College Degree!!WTF
Read down about mid page:
[link to www.omaha.com]

This tells me that whites who lack a college degree are more patriotic, less gullible,more informed and GOD lovingflag waver than the (Ink coward-jerk) that wrote this article...Charles Babington...who has a degree in Islamic Muslim studies!jihadjihad2

Think that anti-American, Marxist 'felon',George Soros doesn't own The Associalist Press,now?...Think again! AP's New CEO is'lefty' and a Soros 'attaboy' Gary Pruitt,ex CEO of Soros owned The McClatchy Company!

You can forget about 'EVER' reading the 'TRUTH' in the newspapers ,again!

Wow...Hitlers hitlerplan is working great for Obama,his media,Hollywood,Federal Justice Dept.,Hawaii ( [link to www.boycotthawaii.com] ) and the Democratic 'Socailist' Party....and Our ship is sinking fast!

And what is this AP-GfK Poll?!?...AP's propaganda 'media malpractice' machine, at it's best!propoganda

AP-GfK Poll: Women and blacks help Obama in new poll...I guess they don't care that Obama is a closet homosexual!
Thread: Is Barack Obama-Gay?You Bet!
Which one is Soros!lmao

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