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WTF?? New Jersey 18-month-old girl on TSA no-fly list.

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05/10/2012 05:30 PM
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WTF?? New Jersey 18-month-old girl on TSA no-fly list.
US Homeland Security worried about babies??

(CBS News) A New Jersey couple say they were booted from their JetBlue flight after their 18-month-old daughter's name appeared on a "no fly" list, reports CBS affiliate WFOR in Miami.

The couple, who asked to remain anonymous, say a JetBlue employee told them that is why they were removed from the flight and questioned by TSA agents.

The couple say they are of Middle Eastern descent, but were born and raised in New Jersey. They claim they and their daughter Riyanna were "put on display" in the terminal while TSA agents and JetBlue employees discussed the situation.
 Quoting: [link to www.cbsnews.com]


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