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Message Subject View of America from Austrailia.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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...some years back I owned a small internet company and had a number of OZ customers...NEVER had a bad payment, NEVER had a complaint which was deserved, and fixed on my part...I looked forward to phone calls from OZ, just saying hi and who was I and talking about family and then business and then, " You seem like a OK bloke here's the card number"...I had folks from almost every continent, NONE ever called just to say hi...this was during the Olympics time period, I was sent at least boxing roos !!!!..all with a note...besides being just a great bunch, I loved that sense of pride, not puffy better than you crap,just pround of hosting the world and being a good host...once I met about 5 young kids from AU, they were sheep ranchers and were heading to LA from Colorado...had spent most of the summer working at a ranch..these guys, 18-20ish..nicest, craziest bunch I had met in a while. The rancher gave them a old car and $1000 a map and said get to LAX in 10 days and leave the car somewhere..I cannot imagine the hearts they broke and the stories to be told, or kept quiet...thats one American's view of AU...and one day the wife and I will visit AU and NZ..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13422784

Aus are very competent world travelers. So am I, actually. And I have had good experiences with American hospitality. With the well to do, and not so well to do -- the poor, homeless or jobless. In fact I prefer to listen to Americans who honestly have something to bitch about, from everyday experience. Fascinating picture into the nuts and bolts of their society...
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