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Message Subject View of America from Austrailia.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Thank you. You just made my point. I say that Canadians don't like Americans and you say:


This is what we say to non anglos about Americans.

because it's true...."

Feel the love? LOL. tomato
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1539700

But you are wrong, yet again. It isnt jealousy or a desire to be "noticed" by you all, to be showered by your "benevolence". Quite the contrary,,, we hope and pray we will be ignored by you all, no good can come to being "noticed". And YOU, as a normal bloke? You so want to be adored and put on a pedestal by foreigners, by what you think are your country's vast achievements. The lack of knowledge of all things not American is understandable, but it is the total lack of curiosity because, apparently, you think it inferior or not worthy: a very strange national trait, unlike any other peoples. So please dont talk about what non Americans think of you, look no further at how you think of them,,, and as in any relationship, understand that the disdain begins with you...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3677166

My dear I know as much as I want to know about the British and Canadians through experience. I am one of those "odd Americans" who actually does travel. I was sitting in an airport in Canada one time when a rather large woman sat down next to me. She asked where I was going and I told her. She informed me she was on her way to Florida. I asked if she was an American and she said, "OH! God no! Don't insult me. I asked why she was going to the states then? She said she lived there and had to return to "civilization" (Canada) to maintain her free healthcare services.

She asked why I was going to the states, and I said because I live there and I am an American. After she pulled her size 9's out of her mouth she mumbled something about not really "hating" all Americans. I would say that the disdain started with her wouldn't you?

And you have your wish, most of us do ignore you...unless you are stumbling around underfoot.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1539700


No I dont have my wish. But let's make this clear, I am making a distinction between the people and the political entity. As a Canadian I can certainly criticize Canadians, their lifestyle, politics, and so on... Very intimately and very rudely if I want. I can do the same with Americans, because they also I know very well,,, not as well as their GOVT though. I also know Mexico very well, having lived there a number of years, etc... So, these three countries I know very very well. Outside that universe I am still very much a a student, even though I have traveled to many parts outside NAmerica. So really, it doesnt impress me your qualifications of vacationing outside the US, nor your anecdotes of talking to fat Cdn ladies at the airport.

Please address the issues I bring up,,,,,
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3677166

First of all, I do NOT vacation outside of my country. I only leave here when I must, and now when one of us is sent abroad we feel we have pulled the short straw as assignments go....

I am not quite sure which issues you want to discuss? Please elaborate. Is it your right to throw up criticism of the the US while demanding the right to be rude? Ok.

The fat Canadian lady was a prime example of Canadian behavior. She takes advantage of the US and all it has to offer while hating it and the people who built this nation. Nasty and petty, wouldn't you agree? What is she doing here?

Personally, I like Mexicans.


It is quite annoying these posts have a programmed glitch, the quote button misplaces everytime. Why us? and not others? Am I paranoid to think it is a flag to monitor our conversation?

Anyway, the original post you express a distinct lack of curiosity and outright disdain for things you obviously know little of. That disdain is what traveling Americans usually wear and express and quite ignorantly unaware that they are doing so. At least you are honest...

Be that as it may,,, we are all, to varying degrees, a product of our societies and, unfortunately, the US is one where hubris and disdain of others is a national trait that permeates the psyche of many ordinary Americans,,, and beyond any reasonable reason for being so. Another unfortunate thing is that the internet has allowed "foreigners" to listen in on your dialogue between yourselves, and so it comes as no surprise when you converse with us you first notice our flag, and colour your opinion with that in mind. YOu are not the only ones guilty of such a tactic,,, but it flows quite easily and unfortunately is not simply a tactic of attack, but a belief that you live by.

Like I said, I havent seen other nationalities quite so ignorant of themselves...
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