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Message Subject View of America from Austrailia.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
right on! 3677166, you know that's right. You could not have said it better.
I went after some, lets say not to bright, fellow and after posting my opinion, of the son of a gun, I felt a little sorry that I hit the writer, from Australia no less, with our American truth. I think others don't get how we think and how we act and that we can help people. Really, what's wrong with that, really. God bless America and God bless everyone else as well. Now that's the American Way!
 Quoting: 3116521 3116521

But your nation does not "help", as you say. It is self interested and more often than not bullies its way into areas that are not its national jurisdiction. And by bullying I mean every form of unethical practice up to and including militarily. Sorry to break the news to you. Again, I will say it is a national trait of many Americans to be totally deluded of their country's presence in the world....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1539700

What the hell is with you? You are seriously obsessed with a people whose attention you will never win. Girl, if a Canadian invented the wheel he would give it to an American to make something useful with it. Now trot along, I am tired of you.

Yes, of course we never help anyone, not even our citizens who take from there own budgets to give to victims of natural disasters, of course it would never be enough for you would it?

As for your view of Americans, you are Canadian your default position is to hate your southern neighbor, we accept that and don't care.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3677166

Yes, many Canadians give up on Canada to look for success in the US. Americans do come to Canada, too.

Again, you are taking this all so personally,, and cannot critically view your nation, or even respond to someone who does. I think the only other nationality that is similarly myopic are Saudi Arabians about their own country. You have to discard all your lazy thinking and national myths,,, I am not a Democrat or Republican, and do not fit into that mold. Your institutions help only if it advances the US corporate logo, never if it doesnt. A prime example is you are very reluctant to join international efforts, where you are subservient. Control is very important, and most know why even if you dont.

So sad....
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