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Message Subject Why are women naturally left wing and socialist?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Because women think mostly based on their motions like Liberians.

Ex: The country is balls deep in debt but liberals just want to spend more and more on stupid shit because it makes them feel good about themselves. They don't care that they are ruining this countries future. All they care about is making themselves feel good.

This is why conservatives are often considered heartless. Most of the problems in the USA today are mathematical. Mathematical problems have a clear answer. Conservatives accept this answer where as liberals look at the answer and say "woah! That isn't fair. We can't do this because it will hurt so and so or blah blah blah"

The National Debt is the best example. Everyone knows its going to bite us in the ass sooner then later. Liberals just want to ignore it because they don't want to cut anything because it will make them feel bad.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10729761

There was a time, sadly, when women did not have the vote. Men at the time were afraid women would vote with their "feelings" and not with their brain...that they would vote to weaken the nation because they were uncomfortable with power and the difficult decisions which must be made during times of war, that women were unrealistic about the need to have defense in the first place

Men back then were afraid that women were uncomfortable or unwilling to learn finance, and that they would vote to continue to spend on projects to help everyone, even if those things were unaffordable. There was a stereotype back then that women couldn't balance a budget and felt money was endlessly elastic, esp if the goal is a noble one

I am sometimes afraid that this kind of thinking was based on a valid concern...
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