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Message Subject Why are women naturally left wing and socialist?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Because libtards and socialists generally are smarter. We do, in fact know better. I'm hitting and running. Good night.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15760624

this is exactly the self righteous, know it all "because I'm right" attitude which makes me embarassed to be a woman sometimes

OP has a point, women are soft and feely, and they don't think finance or budgets matter, it's all feeling, all "lets be nice" and they're afraid of power

they end up voting for the person who won't intimidate people, who isn't comfortable with power, but what I really hate is what you wrote

I'M RIGHT....and you guys don't even realize that you're 100% comfortable with fascism, if its done by your side, BECAUSE YOU'RE RIGHT

Do you realize the arrogance of that statement? Do you realize that you are all the things you say you despise, but you can't even see it because if your inherent elitism and sense of your own superiority?

I have run into liberals who have flat out said that most of the country (the parts they don't like) shouldn't be allowed to vote, because they just aren't smart enough or aware enough to vote (to vote like them, is what they mean)

If a republican or conservative were to hint at the same POV, there would be howlings of outrage and cries of fascism, because they're wrong, and you're right

And yet you can't see how you do the same thing

As said, this is when I'm embarasssed to be a women, because OP is right, and most of these stereotypes are true
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3626040

What a load of crap!! Women were banned from battlefields in Europe in the old days because they were too violent. They killed the wounded enemy so they would not be able to attack again. Women hate war, they don't think it's a game and will fight to the death to end it quickly. Women are not soft. Men like to play at protecting, its all about ego. Yes women like to care for others but not at the expense of those under their protection. This is why they want less useless ego driven wars and more money spent on education and health.
Liberals are soft, men and women alike. Many are just going along with whats popular because it's easier. other have something to gain, gays want marriage, welfare bludgers want to protect their freebies. The GOP had the strongest women and actually give them more power and respect than the Liberals do, so it's clear who the sexist pigs are. Look at the lambasting Palin got, most of it was insults directed at her gender, way to go Liberals.
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