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Message Subject Why are women naturally left wing and socialist?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I think females in general are more prone to extremes, or rigid ideological thinking. This goes beyond what's traditionally thought of as politics and includes stuff like religion [religions would be DEAD by now without women], the concept of 'royalty' [the British would have gotten rid of their 'royalty' and king/queen by now, it's primarily females and female voters who prop them up], radical self-described 'environmentalist', and so-on.

Hitler is on record as saying he never would have gotten into power without the strong and radical support of women, he said this was essential. Where women go, many men will follow. Marketers/advertisers know this,also. Clubs and bars know this. Facebook knows this.

Group-think is ideal for female 'empowerment' [i.e. control]. Males by nature are more likely to act rogue, have rogue ideas, and so-on.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34463679

One more time: females and males are of one and the same species. Women are not a subspecies, nor to all women share the same personality traits, any more than men do. If you want to claim something is a universal property intrinsic to a being, there can be no exceptions. And looking through history and across cultures, what is "masculine" or "feminine" varies widely. There are simply too many exceptions to these ridiculous sweeping generalizations.

But if you want to use them anyway, it is women who are known for being more stable, while men are known for being wild and using violence to replace rational debate. You even admit this with your last sentence.

Talk about group think!
 Quoting: Keep2theCode

OF COURSE males and females are the same species! But they think differently, process 'emotion' differently, and so-on. Do you deny this? And of course we're all individuals, which why I added several disclaimers. But, I'm really concerned here with what's the norm among males and females, and the norm is indeed females IMO tend to be more prone to rigid thinking and ideologies. And if you look at many 'radical' groups [for this purpose I'll describe them as groups with rigid and often extreme ideology], they are generally top heavy with females. And regarding politics in America [and elsewhere], statistically females are far more likely to vote 'leftist' or liberal than males, in fact in America women are one of the core supporters of the Democratic party, and Democrats openly acknowledge they court them and ignore males.

Going 'rogue' is the opposite of group think, and it can be a good thing, and a bad thing, depends. But males in general are more prone to be individualistic than females.
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