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Message Subject Why are women naturally left wing and socialist?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why are most, almost all, of the great philosophers, artists, musicians, mathematicians even, males? Even today, although females have caught up with males in the sciences and even surpassed them in academia, the really great musicians for example are still overwhelmingly male. Why?

Who actually builds the homes, offices, stores, vehicles, planes, airports, supermarkets, roads, etc., we all use every day? OVERWHELMINGLY males. Why?

If our military didn't exist [this is true not just for the U.S.] or we didn't have alliances with other militaries, we literally wouldn't even have the freedoms we have now. We live in a dangerous world, full of people who are envious, jealous or just out to take what they think is rightfully theirs or take what they need. There will always be conflict as long as human beings are the same as we've been since the beginning of time. Who make up the vast majority of militaries and law enforcement agencies? Males.

Now you can say males also commit the bulk of violence, which is true because nature designs males to be physically aggressive. But don't pretend females don't contribute and promote violence, because they very much do. They just tend to use language and psychological techniques.
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