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Message Subject Elohim Contactee Ashwin Farinacci
Poster Handle UchihaDavid
Post Content

I read the thread and it is total bullshit drivel crap with NO proof or evidence - and it doesn't even make sense.

Get medication and fuck off. You are as retarded as these Farinacci stalkers.
 Quoting: InCogNeatOh

You are so full of Light and Love that Ashwin speaks of....I can hardly contain myself.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3910757

Hey dickhead - my problem is that I haven't had my morning coffee.

YOUR problem is that you are a retarded pycho stalker.

I don't give a toss either way about this Ashwin dude - but how fucking harmeless is he! And you guys stalk and give shit to him to the point where you are pyscho.

Get a life and fuck off. You are sick psycho puppies who need to air their basement.
 Quoting: InCogNeatOh

Your problem is you are an Illuminati C*ck Sucker!

I will stop when you guys go AWAY!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3910757

No, she is just a whiny little girl who just got her first period
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