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Star Trek First Contact 1996 Decoded!

Anonymous Coward
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United States
05/11/2012 05:23 PM
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Star Trek First Contact 1996 Decoded!
I think this post from the below thread deserves its own thread.
Thread: !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!! (Page 53)

Finally today i finished quoting and decoding the movie star trek first contact, so here it is.

As soon the movie starts it shows millions of people sleeping in cylindrical glass chambers like the vita-chambers from bioshock, this scene has been shown in countless hollywood movies animes and video games, life force, matrix, saber rider and star sheriffs etc, do these vita-chambers represent our human bodies and the beings inside our soul that sleeps in them?

I remember in bioshock 2 when i was in a vita-chamber i had to press E to exit it but outside of it the area was full with bad guys throwing stuff at me shooting fire balls etc and that vita-chamber/human cage protected me from all their attacks, the moment i pressed E/exit i had to be prepared to kick their asses other wise i would have my ass handed to me lol.

Then the movie it shows the main actor dreaming within a dream where he wakes up from the one thinking he's awake but he's still dreaming only to find himself waking up again!
This reminded me the movie inception and the 3 levels deep of dreams, and it also gave away that the draconians/the borg have access to his brain, as according to ghrees all dreams are lunar projections in our minds, that program us and have a big affect on our daily lives. A great example is when we look at women and other things as more special cause we seen them in our dreams.

Then the captain luc plays some music where he looks to be very attached to it, keep this in mind for later when he meets the borg leader/medusa.

-We`ve finished
our first sweep of the Neutral Zone.
20 particles of dust per cubic metre.
52 ultraviolet radiation spikes
and a class-two comet.
-This is certainly
worthy of our attention.

Some times the hollywood camera gives/shows a different picture/message from what the actor speaks, this time the picture we get from the dialogue is different from the body language of the actors that made it look like this comet/moon was of no importance.

I google class 2 comets and found nasa articles about comets that are driven/use as fuel carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide.
[link to nanopatentsandinnovations.blogspot.com]

Worth reminding a japanese/draconian made anime "saber rider and star sheriffs" where in one episode they showed us earth's alien enemies were using comets as spaceships to land on our planet undetected!
To conceal or make your spaceship as a moon or comet is a cover that works wonders! one has only to look at our moon to realize that.
After i learned about antigravity technology i realized you can make anything to fly even mountains!

-Captain, why are we out here?
-Starfleet has every confidence
in the Enterprise and her crew.
They`re just not sure
about her captain.
A man once captured
and assimilated by the Borg
should not be put in a situation
where he would face them again.
It would introduce an unstable element
to a critical situation.

And 5 minutes later we realize the above to be correct as when he arrives at the battle he gets possessed by the borg
(you can hear the voices/lunar fax play in his head) takes command of the entire fleet and orders them to fire all their weapons on a non vital spot, and when they questioned his order he replies "trust me/have blind faith" lol.
Of course the draconian made movie showed that to be effective and the cube/similar was shown in transformer's movie explodes.

After the captain says set the course for the neutral zone pause the video and you'll see his spaceship looking like a reptilian face with red eyes, same face the reptilian boss in transformers revenge of fallen had, same face the reptilian god/earth's guardian in dragonballz had.
I found a good pic of the enterprise ship here, rotate it 90 degrees right and kazaam.
[link to www.startrek-wallpapers.com]
And holly molly it also looks like a mantis head and the turbines it's claws!
Hahaha i just took notice of that and it remind me one of your videos 892 with the mantis beings.

I learned to pay attention on the face of the alien spacecrafts from the V series where their spaceships had their real ugly face they had concealed behind human skin.
[link to kunochan.com]

-We are the Borg. Lower your shields
and surrender your ships.
We will add your biological
distinctiveness to our own.
Your culture will adapt to serve us.
Resistance is futile.

The last sentence was repeated at the end of the movie by the suppose good guy Data.
In this movie they showed us cancer's unique ability to adapt fast to every weapon/antibiotic that is being used against him making that weapon useless after.
This reminded me an Italian doctor named simoncini that has cured 100s of patients from cancer explaining that cancer is fungi and it has this unique ability to adapt in all different things that are being used against it except baking soda and iodine.
You can find interviews of him on youtube where he explains why cancer cannot adapt to baking soda and the rest of his treatment.

In other words if cancer on the bacteria level can get defeated same and in the universal level.
"Just like in the microcosm(human body) same in the macrocosm(universal human organism)"

-Captain ... Earth.
There are high concentrations
of methane and carbon monoxide.
- Life signs?
- Approximately nine billion.
All Borg.
- How?.
-They did it in the past. They went back
and assimilated Earth, changed history.

They had changed earth's atmosphere and had eliminated all organic forms turning the planet into a dumpster just like it was shown in the movie matrix.
Also this reminded me the V series where they had to change our atmosphere in order for them to survive living on our planet.
When they said all borg i read it as all chinese as if the dragon's hybrid race succeeds genocide the whole white and black race just like ghrees have warned us then all white and black's souls that will be getting captured by the draconians will be getting reincarnated in chinese hybrid draconian containers, and get programmed to be loyal slaves to their lunar masters and be proud too just like all todays chinese are.

-We are in the mid 21st century.
I would estimate we have arrived
ten years after the Third World War.
That makes sense. Most of the
major cities have been destroyed.
600 million dead. No resistance.

This reminded me some researchers i heard on youtube long time ago calling all cities concentration camps and an easy way for our owners to exterminate the human population when they decide to. From the above dialogue we learn that ww3 purpose is for the extermination of humanity white and black race to be precise, that's why the chinese with the russian's help in the first stage of ww3 will be attacking nuking all cities and not just military bases!

-They were firing at the surface.
Western hemisphere.
North American Continent.

It will be funny as shit if the draconians help the chinese out in ww3 and fire at america too from the moon just like it was shown in this movie.
From ancient literature we read 100s of cases of divine/lunar intervention at times of war, my favorite was the one i read in raymond drake's book with alexander the great where when he had a hard time taking over a city he was attacking cause he couldn't bring its walls down due to the sophisticated structure it had, after days of battle and suffering big losses suddenly 3 ufos appeared in the sky making loud scary noises and demolished the walls so alexander's army can enter and take over.

You see alexander's empire was prophesied in the old testament in daniel i think where it was mentioned and how his empire will end that will get divided in 4 parts.
So when the draconians saw their scripted future is about to fail they rushed in to help out.
I bet the same thing they'll do with the chinese, if they see things not going as planned i'm sure we'll have another divine intervention just like the one was shown in star trek.

-Captain, they have adapted.
-Regroup on Deck 15.
Don`t let them touch you.

This reminded me agent smith from the matrix movies where when he touched you you became just like him, similar pattern we have in vampire movies zombie movies etc a disease that spreads fast.

I don't remember the name of a movie i saw few months ago where they explained the purpose behind the entertainment industry and that they feed us the same shit over and over again just change the story a little bit the colors etc but it's the same movie/program you get.
I realized to program a human brain in a certain way you must make him watch and hear the same thing over and over again repeatedly many times, programming without repetition is not effective and the main programming the masses get from hollywood movies is that the good guys always win!
What a better way to make them feel safe in a planet under draconian occupation, make them unaware of any danger and to never examine if things are f*cked up cause their minds will be programmed to think its impossible the good guys always win.
To this programming school plays a big part that programs all humans from young age that they live in a safe world the good guys govern our countries we have democracy(concealed oligarchy) etc.

Also i noticed the machine the borg was using to program/brainfuck its victims was similar to the one from the dollhouse series!

-At 11 o`clock an alien ship
will be passing this solar system.
-Alien? You mean extra-terrestrials?
More bad guys?
- Good guys.
They have no interest in Earth ...
too primitive.
When they discover that humans have
learned how to fly faster than light,
they alter their course and make
first contact with Earth right here.

These suppose good guys when landed at the end of the movie made the V sign with their right hand which immediately reminded me the old V series of the draconians where a similar V hand sign was shown. When i saw that i was like poor ignorant humans getting visited from mantis spaceships to draconian spaceships lol. Also note the V's spaceship was color red.

It's funny that still to this day our owners brainwash us that nothing goes faster than light but they sure don't mind telling us the opposite through their entertainment instruments.

-It`s a pivotal moment in human history.
You make contact with an alien race.
After you do,
everything begins to change.
Fleets of starships are built
and mankind explores the galaxy.
It unites humanity when they realise
they`re not alone in the universe.

What a way for them to make us dig out more of our planet's resources, to built millions of warships to explore the universe?
or to help them to increase their military ranks and take over the universe?

-It looks pretty bad, sir.
They control decks 26 up to 11.
When they took Deck 11 ,
they stopped.
-They`ve assimilated half the ship.
Why stop there?
What is on Deck 11?
- Hydroponics. Deflector control.

I love this part as i decoded it just now.
According to ghrees there are 11 planets in our solar system remaining, the 12th has been blown up and its the asteroid belt between mars and jupiter. The draconians have occupied and control the 7 planet closer to the sun and the andromedians the rest 4 planets.
In the above dialogue the one side controls decks/planets 26=2+6=8 up to 11 4 decks/planets and the other side controls the rest 7 planets.

When they said what stopped the virus? the answer was hydroponics/plants/herbs and the deflector/perseus shield that helped him kill medusa!
A badass subliminal message we got here.
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Then the movie showed us medusa's head being separated from her body and getting connected to her body, also instead of snakes on her head they had placed cables that resembled them so they don't make it too obvious that they had medusa in this freaking movie, i still can't believe the makers actually put her in that movie.
[link to www.lightspeedfineart.com]
In the above poster you can see medusa and her 7 planets she rules being presented as 7 human heads the main actors from that movie and the draconian mantis spaceship which when it was eclipsing our sun in the movie like our moon does one actor said "sweet jesus", telling us subliminally our moon that eclipses our sun is a draconian spaceship and jesus/lamb/persephone/medusa the boss of that spaceship.

Also i found interesting the leader of the good guys was called luc which reminded me clu/luc-ifer from the movie tron legacy, where he admitted he rules this world/solar system and also trapped here by the cosmic antibodies.

- Who are you?
- I am the Borg.
-That is a contradiction. The Borg
have a collective consciousness.
There are no individuals.
-I am the beginning, the end,
the one who is many.
I am the Borg.
-I am curious,
do you control the Borg collective?
-You imply disparity where
none exists. I am the collective.
-I`ll rephrase the question.
I wish to understand their hierarchy.
Are you their leader?.
-I bring order to chaos.

A nice revelation we got here the borg the soul collector said the same jesus/the lamb had said, i'm the alpha and the omega the beginning and the end etc, as about collective consciousness what a trick she plays, she gets to keep her individuality just like echo and alpha from the dollhouse series but makes sure everyone else to lose their individuality so she can be in total control of all other personalities/souls she absorbs.

In bioshock 2 i commented in a previous post we were shown the same thing the grave need of the lunar criminals to put all our personalities in one container their boss's where we will be like books/harddrives in a bookshelf as sinclair said in bioshock 2.

Then when jesus/medusa/persephone(killed by perseus) said i bring order to chaos this reminded the many videos on youtube i've seen exposing the secret societies and one of their many catch phrases was "order out of chaos", which mean to establish your new order first must destroy the existed one, you must create chaos/rubble before you can rebuild, like the song from amatory i quoted in a previous post "to create, first you must destroy", as nothing comes from nothing.
Also creation and destruction what really is, is the transformation of the energy as "energy cannot be created or destroyed but only transformed" this is a scientific fact, i just googled it again
[link to www.google.com]
And i'm getting excited to find and see people start thinking and suspecting saying "IF ENERGY CANNOT BE CREATED OR DESTROYED THEN IS IT POSSIBLE THAT WE NEVER DIE?"

This universal law about energy when the masses on our planet understand it then you can see the lunar matrix on planet earth religions politics education system etc collapsing like a house full of cards, and it'll be funny as hell to watch the lunar shepherds screaming "we're losing sheep they're running away, stop them before they become intelligent humans and punish the hell out of us!"

- How big is this Federation?
- Over 150 planets.

This reminded me what ghrees has said about the 120 war planets/moons of the draconians orbiting planet jupiter and the 360 of the andromedians on planet saturn that most of them arrived after the year 2000 and in that year we had mass murders of astronomers, there are news articles of 40 astronomers dying/killed in one day etc, our owners shit their pants in the thought the masses on earth get the memo of what just happened in our solar system.
Google "new moons of saturn and jupiter" for more intel.
That's where the upcoming star war will take place!
[link to www.windows2universe.org]
"More Moons around Jupiter & Saturn
Astronomers have recently discovered nine new moons. The astronomers found eight new moons of Jupiter and one new moon of Saturn. We now know of 60 moons orbiting Jupiter and 31 orbiting Saturn. The new moons were discovered using telescopes on the top of a volcano called Mauna Kea in Hawaii.

All of the new moons are small. The new moons of Jupiter are about two or three kilometers (a mile or two) across. The diameter of the new moon of Saturn is about eight kilometers (five miles).

Twelve new moons of Jupiter were discovered earlier this year. The last time astronomers found new moons of Saturn was December 2000. Scientists think there are many more small moons that haven't been found yet. A spacecraft called Cassini is on its way to Saturn. When it gets there, it may find more moons around Saturn!"

Clarifications concerning the newly accumulated satellites of Saturn and Jupiter
[link to hellenandchaos.blogspot.com]
Our planet, its races and its moon(s): The real history...
[link to hellenandchaos.blogspot.com]

-How big is this ship?
-24 decks. 700 metres long.

Here we just caught the movie producers making a mistake, maybe on purpose which also verified if you scroll up this post what i said about the number 26 deck in a previous quote, is a codename for the 2+6=8th planet in our solar system.
"-It looks pretty bad, sir.
They control decks 26 up to 11."

-How big is this ship?
-24 decks. 700 metres long.
AS we see here there aren't 26 decks on that ship but 24!

-Money doesn`t exist
in the 24th century.
-No money?.
You mean you don`t get paid?
-The acquisition of wealth is no
longer the driving force in our lives.
We work to better ourselves ...
... and the rest of humanity.

With the technology we have we can have free food and energy for all humans on this planet but when you live in a planet under alien occupation you need to be distracted and busy working to provide for those basic needs so you'll have no time left to think outside the box/planet and suspect that something is very wrong on this planet.

I had this thought couple days ago, there are 4 elements on this planet water, earth/food, fire/energy, air and our owners make us work and pay for the 3 out of 4 and now they're trying to make us pay and for the 4th element air!
what you think global warming is all about? to save the planet we need to reduce the population cause they breathe out CO2 so we will tax your air!
This reminded a hollywood movie i'm not sure the name of it maybe minority report where the currency was life minutes!

To us the taxation of air sounds ludacris but for the next generations that will grow up in that environment it will look natural cause they would not know better.

Next in the movie i found interesting that the borg wasn't touching luc cause apparently he was still one of them when they had assimilated him.

-I don`t get it. I thought
you said this was a hologram.
-I disengaged the safety protocols,
so even a holographic bullet can kill.

This reminded me a scientist on youtube where he said humans don't even know how advance our holographic technology is, we can produce heat sound picture stimulate your brain neurons where you'll not be able to distinguish real from fake, in the movie star trek we get a very clear picture of how advance that technology can be.

Also in the video game fallout new vegas blood money there was a deadly sniper weapon called "the holorifle", at the time i played that game i thought that to be impossible in our life, now i have to reconsider!

- Look at that.
Is there no moon in the future?
-Sure, but there are
50 million people living on it.
You can even see Tycho City
and Lake Armstrong on a clear day.

When i heard that i was wondering if they just gave us the total count of the draconians and other entities that live on/in our moon.

-If we destroy the ship,
we destroy the Borg.
- We`re going to stay and fight.
- We have lost the Enterprise.
-We have not lost the Enterprise
and we are not going to.
Not while l`m in command.
- I must object ...

This is another part of the movie where luc acts like he's possessed by the borg trying to protect the borg like he did earlier by taking command of the entire fleet after voices played in his mind and ordering all weapons to fire at a non-vital spot.

-Six years ago, they assimilated me
into their collective.
I had the cybernetic devices
implanted throughout my body.
I was linked to the hive,
every trace of individuality erased.
I was one of them.

Here we learn what will happen if we follow the advice of many lunar agents that suggest like magador in this forum saying our soul is a fragment that we need to reconnect it with the creator's/destroyer's soul.

One of the lunar agents franz bardon was honest enough to inform us by calling it a mystic death but then he went ahead to promote it as a beautiful death and the best thing we can do is to connect our soul with his lord/galactic criminal sin sion sentai jedai jesus yahweh etc.

This mystic death was promoted the same way in the bioshock 2 over and over again throughout the whole game, you were seeing writings on the wall "reject yourself" "eliminate the tyranny of the self" give your soul to lamb/jesus/medusa/persephone.

Worth mentioning in the movie the borg leader/medusa finally got data to her side by seducing him using one of the so called sex traps as truman cash informed us in his books.

-This is about saving humanity.
- Blow up the damn ship!
- No!
I will not sacrifice the Enterprise.
We`ve made
too many compromises already.
They invade our space,
and we fall back.
They assimilate entire worlds,
and we fall back.
Not again. The line must be drawn here.
This far and no further.
And I will make them pay
for what they`ve done.
(About time for the galactic criminals to get punished/cured for their crimes.)

This dialogue motivated the hell out of me cause it showed how much the cosmic anitbodies/galactic police care about humanity and our planet and try relentlessly to defeat the disease/cancer that slowly by taking over and destroying solar system after solar system is trying to destroy/kill the supreme being/universal human organism and take over.

[link to hellenandchaos.blogspot.com]
[link to hellenandchaos.blogspot.com]

-Ahab spent years hunting
the white whale that crippled him.
A quest for vengeance.
But in the end it destroyed him
and his ship.
-I guess he didn`t know when to quit.
-Prepare to evacuate the Enterprise.

In the above dialogue they demonized vengeance/revenge/punishment and they also talked about forgiveness but in the subtitles it wasn't mentioned, well this is how the criminals can continue their dirty business uninterrupted by making everyone else forgive them for their crimes!
I found it funny that even in this movie they promoted this religious lunar madness of forgiveness!
Imagine our criminal justice system forgiving all criminals, the crime would skyrocket as all criminals would not hesitate to commit crimes thinking as soon they do them they will be forgiven cruise

We can forgive the criminals after they pay for their crimes and are fully cured not because they dropped some crocodile tears in court!

Next in the movie i found very interesting when i saw luc-ifer wearing red clothes and when he took them off underneath he was wearing blue. As these are the colors of the clothes most gods saints and super heroes wear, see superman spiderman captain america etc.

Also in the V series there was an episode name "the devil in blue dress". If you check most virgin mary's paintings she wears red and under her red clothes blue!
[link to www.paintingsilove.com]

-When I was captured, my crew
risked everything to save me.
There is someone still on this ship,
and I owe him the same.

"What you give is what you get"
Like i said in a previous post, the biggest benefit comes when you look after everyone not just yourself, cause if you only care about yourself no one will care about you when in need of help. Just make sure you help good people as cancerous beings will just take advantage of you.

And that's why on the soul dimension i would try to come up with plans and strategies to free all captured souls from the moon and convert the sick ones back to healthy cause i would expect the same from them if i was in their shoes.

-What`s wrong, Locutus?
Isn`t this familiar?.(Cause we all been there before!)
Organic minds
are such fragile things.
How could you forget me so quickly?.(Cause you erased his memories bitch)
We were very close, you and l.(souls connected)
You can still hear our song.(sirens)
-Yes ... I remember you.(memories coming back)
You were there all the time.
But that ship and all the Borg on it
were destroyed.
-You think in such
three-dimensional terms.(he/she the lunar boss has access and to the dimension above the soul dimension according to ghrees)
How small you`ve become.
Data understands me.
Don`t you, Data?
-What have you done to him?
-Given him what he always wanted,
flesh and blood.(This reminded me the religious christian zombies drinking their lunar god's flesh and blood in church every sunday but it's just wine and bread while their draconian god drinks and eats their real blood and flesh on his spaceship/moon)

I had this conversation with a christian yesterday that confused the hell out of him and it was funny.
-How would you feel if the moment jesus came on earth and was jumped by millions of christians that started cutting him wide open drinking and eating his flesh and blood?
Would you try to stop them or join them?
I couldn't stop laughing man!!!
(This question needs it's own thread here on glp!)

Then i told him that this can also be used from his lunar god as an excuse in the galactic court where he will say, if i have to pay and it's a crime for drinking their blood then they need to pay too for drinking mine every sunday at church.

What a smart way to convert your victims into sick cannibals just like yourself man, this lunar galactic criminal is a super intelligent f*ck!

-Let him go.
He`s not the one you want.
-Are you offering yourself to us?
-Offering myself?
That`s it! I remember now.(ancient memories resurface!)
It wasn`t enough
that you assimilated me.
I had to give myself freely
to the Borg(jesus) ... to you.
-I`ve overseen the assimilation(memory erasing/mind f*ck)
of millions(souls). You were no different.
You`re lying. You wanted more
than just another Borg drone(lunar remote controlled zombie).
You wanted a human being, a bridge
between humanity(universal organism) and the Borg(disease).

This dialogue reminded me religious zombies preaching and singing "give your self/soul to jesus" etc and oh man i just found this song i used to like and listen when i was a christian back in the day.
Jeremy camp: Take my life, take my mind, take my soul!
Medusa: Thank you Jeremy NEXT!!! Careful with that hard drive Topher!(from dollhouse series)

Then the movie showed the mantis spaceship enterprise/business eclipsing our sun just like our moon and an actor saying sweet jesus giving us 2 subliminal messages at the same time, 1 the moon is a mega spaceship and 2 jesus/yahweh/allah=elohim lives on that spaceship. And by the way before islam allah was the name of the moon goddess, you can google "allah moon goddess" for more info on that.
Worth mentioning the moon most mongolic nations have on their flags and even the pure draconian race china has put it cleverly as 4 stars that curve like a crescent moon.
Put the chinese flag next to the turkish flag and both are identical even the communist flag is almost the same where again cleverly they have placed the crescent moon as a sickle.

-Let Data go, and
I will take my place at your side,
willingly, without resistance.
-Such a noble creature.
A quality we sometimes lack.
We will add your distinctiveness
to our own.
-Welcome home, Locutus.
-Data, you are free to go.

This reminded what ghrees said about the lunar criminals and that is they threat the cosmic antibodies if they get attacked that they'll genocide humanity and blow up our planet, and this answers the question from the movie they live why they haven't exterminate us already and that is 1 they need slaves, but now that the dragon's race chinese are reaching 2 billions they don't really need the white and black race so why they still have'n exterminate us? and 2 that answers the question when the thieves enter to steal a bank and get surrounded by cops outside what do they do? they use the locals as hostages! Same thing the draconians do to us, they don't use us only us slaves they need us and our planet alive enough to blackmail the cosmic antibodies/galactic police!

In the above dialogue/scene i think data represented our memories and locutus our soul and by giving himself to medusa he had to lose his memories/data needed to go separate itself from the soul.
And this is the second death as ancient philosopher plutarch describes in his book moralia, the first is the separation of the soul from the body and the second and true death the separation of the mind/nous from the soul aka memory erasing!

When the borg leader died luc cut her head off from her spine just like perseus did telling us subliminally that she was indeed medusa!

Then in the movie the Vs landed telling the humans "live long and prosper" as they made the V sign, it would be funny if they said also "we are of peace always".

Another hand sign most people that saw this movie i bet failed to notice is at the end when luc says

-Lay in a course for the 24th century.
Our future is waiting for us.
- Course laid in, sir.
- Make it so.

Pay attention to his right hand that he points out, it makes an L sign and with his left hand he makes the bullhorn sign.

More about these 2 signs that go together and how smartly the members of secret societies hide the L sign from public view while they do the bullhorn sign and the opposite in this video.

At 2:14 of the video ron paul does exactly what luc picard does in star trek when he says "make it so".

Here you can see how the ancients depicted medusa along with more recent paintings.
[link to www.google.com]

I think the many snakes she has on her head may represent the collective hive mind, the many souls she has absorbed and converted to her own likeness.

Thank you for reading!
Anonymous Coward
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05/11/2012 05:27 PM
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Re: Star Trek First Contact 1996 Decoded!
You have apophenia.
You may want to get help...or not, it's usually not that debilitating...unless you take it to a, Charles Manson level.
Anonymous Coward
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05/11/2012 05:29 PM
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Re: Star Trek First Contact 1996 Decoded!
You have apophenia.
You may want to get help...or not, it's usually not that debilitating...unless you take it to a, Charles Manson level.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1526634


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05/11/2012 06:27 PM
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Re: Star Trek First Contact 1996 Decoded!
wow, i must say you had me captivated. great intel work, a truly interesting theory 5* cool story bru
Anonymous Coward
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05/11/2012 08:43 PM
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Re: Star Trek First Contact 1996 Decoded!
You have apophenia.
You may want to get help...or not, it's usually not that debilitating...unless you take it to a, Charles Manson level.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1526634


Everything is well go back to sleep/moon matrix/dreamworld, what are you doing in this forum shill? or should i say sheep?

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05/11/2012 09:10 PM

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Re: Star Trek First Contact 1996 Decoded!
shill stfu shill
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11899912

for who??

Last Edited by Wookiee666 on 05/11/2012 09:11 PM
Publicly confessed neophiliac.

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05/12/2012 10:46 AM
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Re: Star Trek First Contact 1996 Decoded!
wow, i must say you had me captivated. great intel work, a truly interesting theory 5* cool story bru
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Thank you very much, our owners give us very interesting messages through their movies we just need to be careful and pay attention enough to unscramble/decode them and distinguish the truth from the lies/traps.
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05/12/2012 11:04 AM
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Re: Star Trek First Contact 1996 Decoded!
About medusa/persephone i have talked a lot more in the soul traps thread. Persephone the goddess of the underworld/moon is a codename for medusa as in greek persephone means the one that was killed by perseus which is medusa.

Also ancient philosophers were calling our moon persephone, see plutarch, empedokles etc.
In other words the underworld where the souls go after death is not down but up in the moon to be precise. Ancient philosophers like plutarch went even further to tell to our face that all souls after death go to the moon where the good ones get rewarded and the bad ones get punished but all of them meet their second death there which lunar agent plutarch was describing it as a beautiful death.

About our moon that is an alien mega spaceship scientific and biblical proof can be found in this thread.
Make sure to check the link with the russian scientists.

Another movie i have decoded where our owners showed to our face how the lunar god/galactic criminal harvests our soul after death is in the movie lifeforce.
Thread: Lifeforce 1985 movie explained.

Lastly remember medusa's/persephone/moon's deadliest weapon and that is if you looked at her/at her light you were turned into stone or hypnotized keep that in mind on the soul level to not stare at the moon or other lights as it can have a big affect on you. This technology weapon was also mentioned in the bible where the lunar god turned lot's wife into stone when she looked back at his light or when he was transforming on the mountain of sina his students got blind and fell from the mountain almost got killed.

Another deadly weapon they use on our souls after death you'll read in the many pages of the soul traps thread is music/sirens where this music is so sweet so beautiful ancients like homer told us the only way to protect yourself from it was to close your ears.
[link to en.wikipedia.org]
"According to Ovid (Metamorphoses V, 551), the Sirens were the companions of young Persephone/moon!

The Sirens might be called the Muses of the lower world(upper world/moon), Walter Copland Perry observed: "Their song, though irresistibly sweet, was no less sad than sweet, and lapped both body and soul in a fatal lethargy, the forerunner of death and corruption."[12] Their song is continually calling on Persephone/(Medusa!). The term "siren song" refers to an appeal that is hard to resist but that, if heeded, will lead to a bad result."
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05/12/2012 11:20 AM
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Re: Star Trek First Contact 1996 Decoded!
haven't read that all but 26=God (AFAIK) and methane is what kills those dolphins....
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05/12/2012 11:31 AM
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Re: Star Trek First Contact 1996 Decoded!
--"In this era of great big brains anything that can happen will. So hunker down." -- Kurt Vonnegut, JR. -- Galapagos.
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05/12/2012 11:32 AM
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Re: Star Trek First Contact 1996 Decoded!
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05/12/2012 11:35 AM
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Re: Star Trek First Contact 1996 Decoded!
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05/14/2012 11:36 AM
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Re: Star Trek First Contact 1996 Decoded!
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05/14/2012 11:58 AM
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Re: Star Trek First Contact 1996 Decoded!
Ok Op i'll admit tl:dr.

BUT, I can see the direction your going with this.
And, it's true. Fiction often features the most obscure facts hidden right in plain sight.

With that, you may want to check out the entire series:
Full Metal Alchemist:Brotherhood

The entire series explains the most hidden of secrets.
Everything from how some countries were 'birthed' right down to what motivates human behavior and the perfect consequence to every wrong decision.

And as the title suggest, it delves into alchemy and the usage of transmutation circles in occurrence with certain dates and times.

It's very well written and divulges much.