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Elks vs. Masons

User ID: 993722
United States
05/12/2012 03:57 AM
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Elks vs. Masons
The only difference is that the Elks do not study working tools of a lodge only a gavel , and Mason's study esoteric study of knowledge .
Elks are based on pride for American flag , charity, fidelity. Nothing to deep.
We do use a altar bible like and are emblem with.
Masons were founded at different places and times way back . Scotland England France or ancient mystery schools of ancient Egypt.
The masons formed themselfs.
The Elks needed help forming its beginning traditions.
And from who 3 different sources, Believe or not Masons that became members of the Elks as well the Jolly Cork drinking group which Elks didn't start the Jolly Corks drinking group their we're collections of jolly corks all over America. Then third was the Founder of the Elks Charley Vivian who was a member of the English Secret Society org. That is very Masonic in nature like the Odd Fellows are .This was the Royal Antedilluvian Order of
Buffaloes. That's African water buffaloe not the flintstones buffaloes.
Hey you little hint never compare the Flinstones club with real orders. It's really disrespectful and not funny to reducing Fraternal Orders that have strived real hard to do good for their community and then lowered to a cartoon . Not really cool you would want people making jokes on tv cartoons towards you and your friends charitable acts. Any how
The Elks more up their then all the other Orders even the Shrine in membership. Elks is rite at 1,000,000 members in America.
The Masons are still the yes the Biggg Brother Fraternity to all others.
The Masons are Elks members as well and the Grand Lodges all respect each other. Now we're not affiliated but there is no mean feelings between Elks and Masons. The Elks use to Model their Big Lodges on the East Coast as usual like Masonic Lodges or out right buy the Masonic Lodge.
And turn it and the Lodge Room into an Elks Lodge Room not all that different now or back in those days Elks just have one more officer station.
Masonic doesn't have an officer chair seated in the north. North is devoid of light according to Masonic Teachings. So Masonic is bigger and older and deeper than the Elks which destinctfully America is what the Elks teachings are! Which a way to ritualisticley saying we are Amercan not English or from Egypt either!!!! JC Elks vs. Masons facts from a member.Idol1

User ID: 9985180
United States
05/12/2012 04:18 AM
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Re: Elks vs. Masons
Cool story bro. You should tell it at parties.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 15332927
United States
05/12/2012 04:35 AM
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Re: Elks vs. Masons
Elks is an entry into the Masons. Masons is an entry into Rome's Templar Knight heretical beast empire.