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An ordinary woman, who is returning favours, to some people

Another battle.
User ID: 15942929
05/12/2012 01:03 PM
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An ordinary woman, who is returning favours, to some people
So you thought, you should present the facts, about what I should be doing. You thought, you might try and mess with my mind. You sat there, laughing in mockery, thinking the whole world was yours, whilst you helped me cry.

You thought.. okay, we are finished messing with your head and will move on. Let me be a mother again. I have news for you. I have not moved on and will always remember you. Let me now, start messing with your thick head. Let your bank accounts start to fail. Let your life fail.

Your country is already doomed...and yet you continue. There will be no escape for people like you. No conscience, for people like you. So far apart, from the ordinary person. You think ye are gods and you are not. I am here to help and you are not.

I love the ordinary person. Something which you have forgot. Ordinary Americans, I am with you, I hate laughing faggots, that think they can reveal, in some kind of blackmail my path in life. Please continue, as it cant be worse than I already live.

You even tried to mess with my bank accounts My fart in a clams worth of money!. Are you satisfied with your mockery? The clams wish to bite your arse. Watch yourself, for my enemies seems to decline, without a lift of my hand and the whole world is watching. My bank also, is interested in these developments.

Bank concactee.