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Message Subject GREECE SITUATION UPDATES: The death of a 19-year-old Greek student has come to symbolize everything that's wrong with austerity!!!
Poster Handle Luisport
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From Yesterday in a army site: Kammenou threw the bomb A.Samaras in statements after the meeting, confirming what we wrote entirely in the morning. He argued that the conditions set by the P.Kammenos and which has given in writing to the President of the Republic, leaving room for cooperation for the creation of government.

Something defencenet.gr, was first made in the morning today, but nevertheless was rejected by PASOK and ND because they had been admitted Kammenou conditions, at least argue that the Independent Greeks, but just before the other A.Samaras said: That "discussed the proposal burnt".

Why: He set three conditions under which it would give confidence vote if there was a risk of failure, risk of collapse of the banking system or danger to national issues. if there are such risks, it would give confidence in a government special purpose minae few!

Tomorrow, however, the President of the Republic K.Papoulias will meet with the respective P.Kammeno in a meeting without the presence praktikografon. Something says this, but the question remains:

How can we go to such a government, when it is certain that there will be massive popular reaction with uncontrollable consequences? Which three jobs today in a meeting with K.Papoulia. Practically, the only fear is internal security. They fear the dead ...

The meeting was set for noon tomorrow at 14.00 all parliamentary parties called by the President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias. Prior to the meeting and will see their respective practice without complying with the political leaders.

All, except the Golden Dawn. For political leaders, 7% of citizens have no say at such a critical consultation. It seems that some people are very interested in strengthening the People's Association, Golden Dawn, such as the ... quarantine only beneficial effects may have a party that has no government certainly features, but typically protest.

Anyway, everyone is talking about government "technocrats-celebrity." A government just enough to get the money to the bankers and the measures voted 11.5 billion in June this year, we say ...

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