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Message Subject GREECE SITUATION UPDATES: The death of a 19-year-old Greek student has come to symbolize everything that's wrong with austerity!!!
Poster Handle Luisport
Post Content
Greek Bank CRASH!!! On the news that Greece is heading for new elections, this is the reaction of Greek banks stocks.

Remember, new elections are likely to result in victory for the left wing SYRIZAT party, which threatens a confrontation with the rest of Europe, which threatens to create the first step towards Greece's departure from the Eurozone.

You can see why banks are tanking.
Eleftheria Kourtali‏@EKourtali

Pre-(new)Elections Crash: ATG down 4.65%, Banks down 9.97%: Alpha 14.34%, NBG 8.9%, Eurobank 15.03%, Piraeus 9.91%

Read more: [link to www.businessinsider.com]
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