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Message Subject GREECE SITUATION UPDATES: The death of a 19-year-old Greek student has come to symbolize everything that's wrong with austerity!!!
Poster Handle insertfunnyusername
Post Content
Intelligence sharing, no solution in November with euroroups and stuff, Greek govt is a drama-queen fishing for votes, only way we can go bankrupt is ECB not passing the bonds to a later day, but they won't do that coz it's not good for them too obviously, Germany will pass both of Greek-Cyprus deal in one package through German parliament so we still have time until January-February for a solution of a haircut or something else. Things could change though if something unexpected happens, but this is how things are for now panning out, just wanted to share, matches the time frame i've shared before about January-March doom.
 Quoting: insertfunnyusername

Hey Insert... I can see Greece being thrown out of the Euro by years end if not in the new year...

BTW, Greece will be the largest miner of Gold in the world by 2016 and this can bankroll the drahma again... If you add the Oil/Gas/Rare Earth material reserve it is the richest country in Eurozone.

Dont you wonder why Greece is lumped in with other countries that "also have rich reserves???" but are classified as failed economies or terrorist states? Western MSM BS at its best.

Israel needs Greece/Cyprus to build the pipeline to bring Gas to Europe otherwise its dead in the water (they really cant pump it to middle east as they have there own resource for energy).

So what is the west trying to get out of Greece/Cyprus? and why are they destroying these countries more than other clubmeds?

Could it be free rain to all pipelines/resources? I think so
 Quoting: Anonymous 26771446

Hey my friend, off course they'll kick us out of the euro, but since they can't do it by themselves the German/EU political class will keep scapegoating a whole nation so they'll push Greece to leave on her own, no probs though, we got used to the scapegoating, we just have to take the beatings and manage to stay on our feet imo. Seriously, financial Armageddon, collapse, poverty, anything is better than austerity imposed by the Germans.

I think this austerity thing has gone too far and totally agree that western MSM is totally hypocritical and BS, their tactics are the same as they do with other oil and minerals rich countries, off course we know about the resources here in Greece but some Europeans are oblivious about these things and think that this crisis truly has to do with tax collecting. Don't get me wrong, corruption is a big problem, but for sure it's not the key of this crisis, it's all about the resources, we have plenty and they want to get everything for free. I really worry about Cyprus when shtf tbh, coz we are not in a position now to protect them, this troika thing reminds me in some cases the cia imposed military coup that lead to Cyprus occupation. Off course not by chance that year-long disputes with neighbors is on the table of negotiations now that we luck strength.
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