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Message Subject GREECE SITUATION UPDATES: The death of a 19-year-old Greek student has come to symbolize everything that's wrong with austerity!!!
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That would be great news, i also have a feeling that something will mess up at some point, early 2013 is a certain, if it happens sooner even better imo. Lot of economists say that eurogroup solution buys time only until April at most, so we gonna see this play again soon. How are things with work? I'm thinking that i won't continue to pay my tebe anymore, no chance of paying my home and bills especially if i'm gonna be taxed from my first earned euro in 2013.
 Quoting: insertfunnyusername

Every day it gets worst. Yesterday I got the lowest closing of the whole year (actually I didnt check it up but i think it must br the worst of the last 3-4 years). Today was very bad also. Only people in real need come in and shop. And now we are going to have more trouble as EOPPY changed the years that was giving money for prescription glasses from 2 to 4. Also the amount from 80 for far and 60 for near to 100 nomater if you get 1 pair or 2 pairs. Bad news for us as they main core of our busness was with EOPPY. I estimate, this will affect us with a further loss of 20% to 30%
 Quoting: Foveras

Damn, sorry to hear that bro bad news indeed, even a good friend of mine that has a very huge family business is facing some problems lately, not with the amount of work per se, but with bad checks and unpaid bills from customers, the system ain't working even for healthy businesses right now, it's so fucked up. Freelance sucks too, i've no idea what i will do next spring, there are some good ideas for film projects but no funding at all from anyone, never seen that before. :(
 Quoting: insertfunnyusername

It will get worst, it will. I am still stungling with Australia issue. I hope that soon everything will start moving a bit. To be honest I am delaying sometimes cause I spend so many hours at the shop, then the kids so I have few hours to devote on it. But I will soon.
As for your jobs, as far as I am listening this are getting to nowhere. I hope that you find something. Of course we should always keep on our minds alternative solutions. If SHTF I might go to Pyrgos and farm there. I dont know. I have make some preps so for a while I might be alright.
 Quoting: Foveras

Australia yeaaah, they teach Greek language in their schools now i read somewhere, hehe, good luck with this. I'm not looking for a job, i do lots of stuff from audio-video editing, i dj around Greece, but the bread and butter of the annual income comes from film projects and we've only found the 1/3 of the money required to do the next one, maybe we could do it with half the money but it will be a shitty film if so. I do the farming thing every morning here in the countryside bro, it's very nice and refreshing and free organic food too, countryside also very cheap to live, i pay 1/4 of what i was paying for an old home in Athens, even beers and drinks in bars are half the price, hehe. I'm also in a legal battle for some 20 thousand in unpaid salaries, don't know what will happen with this if we go bankrupt or something, court was last month but was postponed due to strikes, waiting for a new date, if i get these money soon i'll be ok for the next 2 years i think with a bit of a part-time work here and there. Except if i get them in new drachmas, that would be terrible.
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