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Message Subject GREECE SITUATION UPDATES: The death of a 19-year-old Greek student has come to symbolize everything that's wrong with austerity!!!
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Post Content
Govt coalition will reject Syriza proposal for a committee on Memorandum.
Quel surprise huh?
[link to translate.google.gr]

ECB Wins Ruling to Deny Access to Secret Greek Swap Files
Quel surprise mk.2
[link to www.bloomberg.com]

Bankers set to oppose buyback plan
[link to www.ekathimerini.com]

Moodys: Greek debt unsustainable despite deal
[link to english.capital.gr]

Housing market contracting at alarming rate
[link to www.ekathimerini.com]

Deposits at Greek banks continue to grow
[link to www.ekathimerini.com]

Court acquits unionists over German envoy attack
[link to www.ekathimerini.com]
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