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Archetypal Astrology Discussed !! - Just the Juice !!


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05/15/2012 08:54 PM

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Archetypal Astrology Discussed !! - Just the Juice !!
[link to www.youtube.com]

Art Bell was joined by Richard Tarnas, author of Cosmos and Psyche(1) and The Passion of the Western Mind(2), for a discussion on consciousness, the history of modern thought, and the validity of astrology and its role in world affairs.
While the planets do not rule us, Tarnas explained, there is a correspondence between planetary alignments and the human experience. He likened this relationship to a clock, which itself does not cause a specific time to occur, but rather shows what time it is. Tarnas said a human being may display archetypal personality traits based on where planets were when he/she was born, however, that person can also play a more or less conscious role in how those traits are expressed. For Tarnas, this non-deterministic astrological viewpoint shows the universe is not void of meaning -- it is instead meaningfully focused on the individual and on Earth.
Tarnas also talked about John Mack, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author and Harvard Medical School professor who researched alien abduction phenomenon; Nancy Reagan's reliance on astrology and its influence on public policy; and Art Bell's astrological birth chart, which described him as a restless, unorthodox innovator

Phone-ins are edited and "days news" is also cut. This leaves you with a nice size main show, just the juice !!

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Love and Light
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09/25/2012 03:42 AM
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Re: Archetypal Astrology Discussed !! - Just the Juice !!