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Message Subject UPDATE - Foliage Damage
Poster Handle LD50
Post Content
Do you get chem trails there? Its killing plant life here in AZ and likely everywhere they spray. All you have to do is pay $150 to get a license to spray the air..........no regulations for what you spray. We stay inside when they spray and the rain that often follows is poison. Our garden didn't even sprout this year! There is a guy here in AZ setting up a lawsuit because several people have heavy metal poisoning as a result. Best case scenario is that it contains aluminum and barium and is for weather modification - but what about AZ weather needs to be modified, we have all debunked the whole global warming (its normal!) crap, and well, we also know that aluminum and barium is harmful so....

[link to youtu.be]

If "they" kill our crops, we will be forced to eat Monsanto GMO food. Just dandy!
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