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Message Subject UPDATE - Foliage Damage
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
this damage is widespread all over my area.
 Quoting: ~Jay~

I'm in New Jersey. My two large, once full and lovely, River Birch trees showed signs of "damage" before leaves appeared. Hundreds of branches were falling. We had a very mild winter, NO snow and hardly any freezing temps.
I usually stop watering shrubs, trees, and the lawn in November. After that, cold/freezing weather comes, along with the snow. This year it didn't happen. Once I saw the falling branches in early March, I started watering, and the trees have recovered the best they could, but they're practically bare inside.

Also, because there was no cold weather, the weeds in my once beautiful lawn continued to grow through the winter months. Never ever did I see my lawn like that. I've gone through about four large bottles of Weed B Gone so far. The lawn is looking much better now.

I have a feeling I will have a huge water bill this coming summer.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15059606

Colorado here. Same falling branches etc. your describing but we had regular snowfall twice a week it seemed from October through Feb, for the most part temps were freezing point and below 2 snaps in the 'teens.
I'm not saying water isn't the issue in your case or that we have the same thing going on.
Just that our trees are dying not just on our property but all over town there are bare skeletal bough sections and lots of dead fruit trees whithering to an alarming degree I haven't noticed in past years.
I even think maybe it's just me noticing (you know how that is) and might be projecting on something that has always happened but to be honest..yeah. It's happening.

I really appreciate everyone telling us which state or country they live in!
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