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Message Subject Mysterious object flying over Denver nearly caused a mid-air collision Monday
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
 Quoting: skywatching 15060478

This has been my question about these drones.

Also I would like to know what light configurations they use on them. The reason I am curious about the light config is because there has been a large increase of UFO sightings of bright Orange balls or spheres moving across the sky lately. I have seen one my self and it moved just like an airplane and about the same speed but there was no noise at all.
 Quoting: mikebo2

Really?!! I saw one of those orange fireballs up very close, as I was underneath the thing hovering only 40-45 feet above me, made a hell of a racket! sounding like a harrier jump jet, like a 'roaring doppler effect' sound over me. It was bright, but not blinding, but most curious..! was that unlike an orange street lamp which would reflect off the road & surroundings.. this craft's orange glow light did not reflect off the surroundings & it was.. night time. I didn't feel like running after it saying a big 'hello' but instead looked at the telephone wondering who to ring, but couldn't think of anyone who'd believe me. The object slowly hovered away. This by the way..!! happenened just short after I'd seen a flying saucer in the same week at dusk. Orange fireball.. human or alien.. who knows..?!! I just don't know..! but.!! the flying saucer was 'definitely' ET controlled. I had 'strong' telepathic communication to go closer to them & not be afraid, but being a scarredy cat.. I ran away soon as I saw them. I thought there was a giant frog in the attic at first with its big eyes & leathery wet looking skin, but they can't have move fast.. lol, fast as a mouse!
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