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Idea of a NWO for the People not the Globalists

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United States
05/16/2012 11:01 PM
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Idea of a NWO for the People not the Globalists
here is a little synopsis of a world when the NWO fails. kind of like in Zeitgeist Addendum with the towers of aquaponics and the perpetual motion transit system and infinite energy system.

There are pros and cons to the Globalistís NWO just like there are pros and cons to everything; this NWO just has the empowering con that is enslavement. Letís face it people are all lazy at times, thatís why we all have families to help us out when we, sadly to say, just donít feel like it. If we ever get RFID'd and They (you know They, The Hidden Hand, The Men Behind the Curtain) are using that to shut us down, terminate our existence, we should understand that some people raised in this society, dominated by the current Hidden Hands, do not wish to get along with the little potential of a peaceful society we have. They want to see the world burn, if you will. Thatís why we have to think and hope for the future and try to see a positive world, with positive intentions on the horizon. If this is ever accomplished, there should be a family productivity and a loner productivity, there has to be Equality and Fairness. There must not be freeloaders. When the powers that be go down, there should be equality, give us the same options for survivability like food, water and shelter, communicability. Let us choose what perks we want and what itíll be worth in trade, as in vegetation and favors. There must not be a monetary system.(* No 4 year presidency term, if a leader is elected, it should only be surpassed by someone with more votes and voting can be taken whenever. If the right leader is found then he can be for as long as he wants* side not for current policy) Jealousy and motivation to be the best must be meditated out and criminals will be reviewed by the community; allow the masses to decide justice, give them the option to even care about it or not. There will be community specialists like body and car mechanics because education is not corrupt by the bequeathed greed that is in the current education system. You see, power and money stays in the family, rarely branching out; so there is no chance to change unfair issues, unless that family member or beneficiary decides that the change is in his/hers interest. If citizens want to build a new technology the library doors are open, and communication worldwide is not restricted, everyone has a means of communication. Any mediums potential will be infinite, mediums like entertainment(books, movies, art), healing, teaching, helping, it will all be done with tender loving care. Self-spirituality should be at its most realized, abuse and the ďseven deadly sinsĒ should not be an issue. We must all know tru Love and not just Go Along to Get Along.

please contribute your ideas and thoughts on how to make this better and maybe we can start living our lives how our Creator intended it to be. Let's Map out our own Lives with Influences that are not from the Globalists greed and power.

[link to www.youtube.com]

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