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Message Subject White babies are now officially a minority in the United States
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Children from racial and ethnic minorities now account for more than half the births in the US, according to the latest US census.{/quote]

...not surprising though, who wants to rut with a fat, white, semi-literate, selfish chick that thinks the world owes them a living?
 Quoting: BBC

Um, I think they are the only whites who are breeding, to be honest. Poverty and severe obesity hit them very hard. I see women who are 300 plus pounds, driving an old mini van, average of 3 kids... They wear boyfriend beaters, or old t shirts. Theres so many of them, its like a replicated holographic computer program. (frown)

The new face of White America
It might be chemicals that hit certain genetics and poverty and depression take a toll and expand into generations
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