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Message Subject White babies are now officially a minority in the United States
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have nothing against any race, but it is funny that you mention that. There is a difference in most white guys that I know...they really do have some different sexual interests, I guess is the word I am looking for. Maybe they have been generally more sexually repressed over time so it leads to shame, and acting out sexually? I don't know, but I have noticed a difference.
 Quoting: IndigoSerenity76

One Word: Japan
 Quoting: William_the_Bloody

I know nothing about Japan and have never been with a Japanese guy, so I can't comment on that :).
 Quoting: IndigoSerenity76

Speaking of. Japan does have a obsession with porn and they also have low birth rates.

Japans old people are outnumbering the births and they are getting very worried. There were articles in the paper concerning this.

Sexual deviancy will result in a peoples extinction while the prolific breeders will probaly rise to take over.
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