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Message Subject White babies are now officially a minority in the United States
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
white pedophilia is rampant, and well organized.

You pinks are perverse sexual deviants with an unfathomable thirst for wicked deviant behavior. everything from mason jars to horses goes up pink anus.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9331771

You make a point. You say we have organized Pedophilia, which is true.

The sort of thing I was talking about though is the inner-city incestuous child-rape within families...which we also have...my point was that ours is more reported than theirs because they have so many problems that we can\'t keep track of them all.

Pointing out that we are efficient and organized in our crimes kind of reinforces the idea that, good or evil, we do it better.

You want an efficient and organized city, or one that has succombed to idiocy and chaos?

Just curious.
 Quoting: William_the_Bloody

You have the mindset of a devil.

Whites outside the city have less problems than inner cities? Where have you been?

What about the white dominated meth culture that has laid waste to white america, creating a horde of scabby thieving prostitutes.

What about the rampant binge drinking frat culture that white american colleges have created. This is no lie, college students BOAST about not remembering their weekend. and the facts show, binge drinkers and drug abusers are white.
This is the #1 reason white females have outclassed affliction shirt wearing drunk till your face turns pink white males.

Dont even get into drugs
Blacks mainly indulge
Weed, heroine, Crack, Cocaine

White use the aforemetioned four plus a wide array of other drugs from extacy to acid tabs to ketamine and they dominate the prescription pill drug epidemic.

Dont be a Devil and try to act like you have no problems, thats called living a fantasy world, thats something crazy people do.
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