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Message Subject White babies are now officially a minority in the United States
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

not all whites are into porn or pedo ..lol im appalled by that shit , like there is many kind of blacks there is also many kind of whites ..

and i myself want to live by gods laws , porn would be banned and pedos shot in my world ..

we would live by the old testament nothing more ... im a young guy raised by old fasioned parents and we dont do any of that shit ...

prostitues would be hung , so would adulterers ....

there is nothing good about black men or other races of men going out having children out of wedlock , there are a generation of bastards filled with devils ... nothiong good about that , it would be a living hell , like most ghettos , created by the blackman thinking of his dick ...

where is your daddy apollo .... point proven
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16200132

As I see this world decaying into further selfishness, hedonism and depravity, I appreciate many of the Old Testament laws more and more. I am anti abortion, and I believe in the death penalty which is rarely used

I think everyone that sexually harms a child does not deserve to breath air on our earth. Its a incredibly selfish thing to do , inflicting harm on a child for ones selfish pleasure.

Porn, we could do without, Theres no limit to where it leads to. They like to abuse the women now in porn and humiliate them. Its no longer love for the beautiful human body like in Playboy, but its something now deranged and abusive instead in hardcore porn flicks.

God will judge this world. I have no doubt.

oh yeah i agree apollo they would be burnt in the streets , but another thing we have these black folk coming on here saying oh the white are gona get the worst the white are gona be culled cant wait , god is on our aide etc ...

when most have kids out of wedlock , most adultery , and break every commandments known to god , and they come on here like god is there best friend , he would be appalled at there behaviour . most commenting there hatred on here have kids all over the place , they will be judged , they way i see and the way the book says , all thoese who break the commandments , are getting it .....

so the silly threat on here dont bother me one bit , i have a partner , and kids , i stick by the rules of god , i dont break the commandments , i dont eat pork and shell fish i try my hardest to live by god word ...

so some jumped up animal black coming on here with 5 kids out of wedlock and dipping everything they know can hardly judge me .... only god

i find it so funny they actually belive they can act and live like animals and god will just open his arms and lynch all the whites with fire , hahahahahahaha fucking idiots , absolute thick delueded animal ....

the bible is very clear , the gentiles can be granfted into isreal untill the time of the gentiles be forfilled , the time is almost here , iff you aint living by gods laws your goose ....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16200132

The (funny?) thing is, you sound exactly like a fundamentalist muslim.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1337283

well im white , and iff i sound like a fundamental muslim its cos they are right they follow the true laws ..
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