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Message Subject White babies are now officially a minority in the United States
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Dont be a Devil and try to act like you have no problems, thats called living a fantasy world, thats something crazy people do.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8933903

Yes, yes, we have problems, yes. You keep missing the point.

The point is/was: White Pedophillia is reported in the news more often than non-white, because there's a massive veil of "Not going there" in the other communities.

There is a perception that it's more tragic when it happens to us, because we have (arguably) more stable homelives, and therefore more people who care about us. I know that sounds horrible; I didn't create the world we live in.

The fact is, a two-parent, middle-class child of a christian, nuclear family gets abused and there is more sympathy than the abused child of the crack-mama-welfare lady with 5 baby-daddies, 4 of which are convicts. We already wrote that baby off the minute she came out of the womb, because of the environment.

Surely you can see the difference?

Now, what the news plays on is this sympathy...even though the two-parent, middle-class child of a christian, nuclear family is mostly a myth...when you see a white child you assume it comes from better circumstances.
 Quoting: William_the_Bloody

your right it isnt reported here some that are ... they are vile just as vile as the white devils who live amonst us normal whites ...

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