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Message Subject White babies are now officially a minority in the United States
Poster Handle Mindlouka
Post Content

oh yes so clever of you that one ..yawn ..

your vile , your mother and father would be repulsed bu there forced to bend or be accused of racism ..

but its all good you think by having black babies your gona be saved and protected , hahahahaha they will turn on you in a flash and dont come to us ... iff there is one thing im gona enjoy most its the tramps like you , gona be burned like the witches you are ..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16200132

You make me laugh, lol. Why are you so angry? I love when people that can't even use the correct form of "your/you're" call me stupid. You know nothing. Hate is learned, I am sorry that is what you were taught.
 Quoting: IndigoSerenity76

LOLOL You're so right Indigo!
But don't feed the trolls LOL
Their racist theories make me laugh really hard HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
 Quoting: Mindlouka

lol ... it isnt a theory , just go read the youtube comment and watch the black isrealite videos on youtube ... your fate is clearly writtain out , they dont want you white hoes , they hate you and once the upper hand is granted your seriously in trouble ... we dont want you either we gona make sure you mingers are cast out with the synogog of satan , look what god thought of esau when he mixed with the other tribe non isrealite ... god hated esau for his selling of birhtright and race mixing ... yet you fake jewish people promote it and also you changed gods word now saying the mother carries the seed ... when its the father , dont worry people and above take note its all joted down ...

and im not racist i just see whats going on , to the white bastards who rape kids and worship the devil you are not white you are mongrels ... your vile
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16200132

LOLOL NO YOU DON'T see things as they are.
Yes it is a THEORY and a FAILED THEORY because,just to make you see you are so wrong, I will share to you all that I'm white and never had black people in family and never dated with one,except for one uncle who married my aunt from my dad side, and we were very proud they got married on a time when racism was abundant in my country,fascism dictatorship time.
I'm happily married, no kids YET and I'm in favour for LOVE and not hate like you!!!! LOVE DON'T CHOOSE RACES!!!
As I said in an other thread "Religion is one of causes for big trouble in our world." and YOU ARE LIVING PROOF OF THAT!! You are one religious hatred with a heart of stone!!!!
GROW UP!!!SPECIALLY SPIRITUALLY! Hope you see the bigger picture soon and leave all that nonsense behind.
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