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Message Subject White babies are now officially a minority in the United States
Poster Handle One Moment
Post Content
And so?....

A bunch of religious pilgrims came over here from England, stole this land from the Native and hunkered down in the northeast corner for a while then expanded outward and downward.

Some of these fundamental Christians (now turning Baptist) who migrated south to start growing crops, decided they didn't want to get their finger nails dirty so in their superiority way, go to Africa to kidnap the inferior human and turned them into slaves.

Then they open up Ellis Island letting in more Europeans.
Soon...this land is very colorful and diverse with a totally unfair class system.

I don't want to give my rendition of history but you get the point.

White man (which I am and ashamed of it) took over this country greedily and immorally. And look at us now!! Look at this fucking people running the show!!! Look at this egregious government! It's a farce. It's a joke. We deserve everything we're getting. It's called karma!

We're ALL minorities in their (PTB) eyes. I say, let the minorities take back their rightful land.

And you know what? I don't give a flying fuck if Mexicans are coming here either. Anyone should have the born-given RIGHT to go anyplace they want on THEIR planet.
Who are we to keep them out???

And don't start in with the tirade of 'we pay for their (illegals) health care with our taxes' bullshit.

Our money is SO incredibly mismanaged that we don't know what goes where. So why do you care where your 'taxes' are being spent when it comes to Mexicans or illegals?
We're lining the pockets of these Fat Cats to take their weekly vacations anyway with our 'taxes' so?......who cares? We don't have a say-so.

I say...let them ALL in and take over. I rather have a disproportionate amount of 'minorities' take over than the handful of crooks up in Washington running things. We seriously have nothing to lose anymore.
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