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Message Subject White babies are now officially a minority in the United States
Poster Handle IndigoSerenity76
Post Content

My thoughts as well. I would make an exception though if a parent was physically unable to work...and I don't mean all of these people with their fake ailments and their head issues collecting social security. I mean real, genuine issues that weren't there when they decided to have kids.
 Quoting: IndigoSerenity76

Agreed, and I do understand what you mean about those fake ailments, that's a whole other subject in and of itself. LOL!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15749730

Yes, lol. People with those fake ailments make me want to shake them so they stop complaining and get off the couch.
 Quoting: IndigoSerenity76

Im a believer that there is no fake ailments, We are bombarded by chemicals and experimental pharmaceuticals with little long term insight on what they do to the human body

Humans will rarely fake an illness. When you feel good, you feel good and want to do stuff. When you feel like shit, you feel like shit.

I helped out at a nursing home as a teen and saw young and old alike who were suffering. The young were there from car accidents etc and were paralyzed, but it helped me notice when a person is not feeling well, you can see it in their eyes, it has no spark.

Aspartame in diet sodas is a huge culprit of the Mystery illnesses. Theres thousands of accounts of people having racing hearts, chronic fatigue and brain fog and eye sight problems , Upon stopping consumption they improved immensely.

What else are chemicals doing to us? its in our plastics, shampoos, weed killers, and paint. and now we have GMOs, and radiation leaks from Japan.

The extinction of frogs and fish and biodiversity is also proof we are poisoning our planet

Well, I do believe in all of that causing ailments. I just think that there are people in the world who fake a lot of things to get out of working. I also believe that there are a lot of people with ailments that they think are bad enough to not have to work, when that isn't the case. If you are a parent, you do what you need to do to support your kids, even if you are in pain, provided that it is physically possible.
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