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Message Subject White babies are now officially a minority in the United States
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Black race...White race...Yellow race, Red race... Whatever...Aren't we ALL HUMAN RACE?!?!?! Why not UNITE instead of DIVIDE?!
Because of DIVIDE, the world is in the shit you see now. It's time to reverse!!!!

We are ALL ONE. hf
 Quoting: Mindlouka

We should as every race to give up their culture, really? Try that in, say China.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1573749

No giving up of cultures,but rather ACCEPTING THEM. WE MUST transcend the conflicts and differences that have separated us from one another!!!!
 Quoting: Mindlouka

Impossible. Dear god how can you have two cultures thats way of life clashing in such a way that everything they do is a sin to the other

Typical 'why cant we all just get along?' politically correct grabage. It's so obvious your oppinions are just given to you through the media
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