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Message Subject Debunk this please.
Poster Handle Astromut
Post Content
Another thing, this wasn't a call-out thread. It was a shout-out for being correct about Venus being Venus.
 Quoting: S0L4RN1GHTM4R3

LMFAO! It's a thread all about a video you wanted me to debunk, it had nothing to do with me being correct about Venus. Perhaps that was your implied pretense for making the thread, but given your reaction to my debunking, clearly it's a callout thread.
On this subject, you have clearly shown ignorance that it does, indeed, go behind the clouds, thus, making it impossible to be an artifact.
 Quoting: Solar

I did nothing of the sort. It's clearly in front of the clouds which is why it does not illuminate the clouds from behind, nor is its light diffused by the cloud, after the sun emerges from the cloud at 1:24-1:33.
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