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Donna Summer, latest illuminati sacrifice victim?

hapless moran (OP)

User ID: 1130234
United States
05/22/2012 09:53 PM
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Re: Donna Summer, latest illuminati sacrifice victim?
Its true I was brain storming the other day when I learned Donna Summer had passed away. From My research I believe she was sacrificed as well. Here is my story:

London Olympic Games Open Ceremony kicks off 7-27-2012.

(7) - 2(7)- 2012
2+2+1+2= (7)

which mocks = 777

I understand its different from how the higher ups usually do thier numerology but since the summer olympics have to take place a certain time in the summer around the same time every four years, I believe they still used this date anyways because it was the closest date they could use to mock for what is going to happen that day (which we all know).

Next, I was thinking they usually make sacrifices before they do certain things like this, and they usually kill in three's

1. Dick Clark, passed away, 4-18-2012

4+18+2+1+2= 27

2. Donna Summer, passed away, 5-17-2012

5+17+2+1+2= 27

3. I believe the next sacrifice will take place (not sure who)on 6-16-2012

6+16+2+1+2= 27

I am sure you notice how each date mocks 27 which is obviously the date of the Olympics Opening. I could be wrong but this is why I am posting my thoughts just to see what others may have to say.
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AC, I think you're on to something. I'm putting a reminder on my calendar for June 16
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