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Fluoride and the Poisoning of America´s Water

Anonymous Coward
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United States
12/02/2005 02:53 AM
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Fluoride and the Poisoning of America´s Water
Fluoride and the Poisoning
of America´s Water

with Jim Medlock, DDS

by Diane M. Cooper

To fluoridate or not to fluoridate?

Fluoride is one of the most toxic substances known. There is no evidence whatsoever to support any beneficial effects of water fluoridation, and much evidence of its dangers.

So what is behind the practice of dumping this lethal poison into our nation´s water supply? Dr. Jim Medlock, a specialist in biological dentristry, tells us the sobering truth.

Diane: How long have you been in dentistry and what is your primary focus at this point in time.

Dr. Jim: I´ve been practicing dentistry for 30 years, the last seventeen in West Palm Beach, Florida. My expertise is in biological dentistry with a focus on cosmetics.

Biological dentistry concerns itself with several issues: mercury toxicity,[1] biocompatibility of all dental materials, toxicity of root canaled teeth,[2] and jawbone infections, called "cavitations."[3]

And because we focus in the arena of toxicity, a prime area of our concern is the issue of fluoridation of our water supply.

Diane: What is fluoride, exactly?

Dr. Jim: Fluoride is one of the elements in the periodic table, and it is extremely toxic. Rat poison is sodium fluoride.

And research shows that fluoride causes degenerative disease. In other words, it accelerates the aging process. There are entire communities, particularly in Russia, where there is an overabundance of endemic fluoride in the water, and at the age of 30 the people in these communities have the bodies of seventy-year-olds. They walk with canes. They become so crippled that they are unable to work.

Fluoride causes a breakdown of collagen, which is a protein in the body that provides structural integrity to many tissues. It is laid down as a matrix in the formation process of bone, tendons, and ligaments. It also is responsible for creating the integrity of the skin. When collagen gets broken down, one of the first things we see is wrinkling.

Diane: I understand that many cities in the United States have fluoride added to the water. What health ramifications is this causing to our population?

Dr. Jim: I just returned from a seminar in Calgary, Alberta, on toxicity, and one of the lecturers was talking about this very issue. The fluoride that is being added to the water supply in many cities around the United States today is called fluorosilicylicic acid.

What has been recently discovered about this particular form of fluoride came from a study of dysfunctional behavior occurring in teenage Hispanics and Blacks living in cities located in the Northeast. The researchers noticed a huge increase in social dysfunction and began looking at what had been occurring differently in the environment.

Previously, sodium fluoride had been the form of fluoride added to the city water. This was a toxic form in and of itself. But recently, the study found, the form of fluoride had been changed to fluorosilicic acid, and that in turn causes an increase in lead uptake.

We all uptake a certain amount of lead; it is part of our contaminated environment. And calcium binds to this type of fluoride, causing it to be less harmful to the bodies of those who have an adequate amount of calcium.

But the researchers found that in certain subsets of the population where people were lactose intolerant, they did not eat a lot of dairy and therefore did not have an adequate intake of calcium. So these subsets of the population were not getting the calcium protection that many others were.

The erratic behavior was a result of lead poisoning!

Another disturbing fact is that fluoride is definitely cancer-causing in humans, and this is well documented and well known by the EPA.

About ten years ago, there was an attempted cover-up by the EPA and the public health service where they manipulated some of the research on this subject and got caught. The fact that fluoride is carcinogenic is well entrenched in scientific data.

Another important fact, especially in areas like South Florida where there is a large elderly population, is that we find a higher incidence of hip fractures in fluoridated regions. The reason for this is that fluoride causes fluorosis of the bone, which causes the bones to be brittle.

You can also see evidence of too much fluoride intake when you see someone with a chalky look to their teeth. The teeth will be dark yellow with black cracks, and the teeth will be brittle and break easily. That usually means there is a lot of fluoride in the water.

Diane: So what about all the hubbub in the media about fluoride´s preventing tooth decay?

Dr. Jim: Well, this is probably the most important fact against fluoridation. We know today, through current and long-term research, that tooth decay is not reduced by fluoridation. Period!

Diane: So how did we get started fluoridating the water in the first place? And why is this practice continued?

Dr. Jim: Back in the late 1920s to early 1930s, the American Dental Association (ADA) actually recommended that fluoride be taken out of the environment in areas where there was an overabundance of toxic waste from plants that manufactured aluminum and phosphate fertilizer. Even the American Medical Association (AMA) recommended this.

But then, the CEO of one of the aluminum companies had the big idea that if too much fluoride caused problems, than a little bit of fluoride might be good. And it just so happened that at this time, they needed a way of disposing of their...

Diane: ...toxic waste?

Dr. Jim: Yes! Basically, the aluminum industry and the phosphate fertilizer industry needed a way to get rid of their waste. And here the conspiracy gets pretty intriguing, as it is very expensive to dispose of a toxin like fluoride. So they found a way to do it by putting it in the water. And they´ve been doing this since about 1945. There was seemingly a marriage between the ADA and the aluminum and fertilizer industries.

Diane: Oh, my goodness!

Dr. Jim: Yes, it is amazing, isn´t it.

The next fact is that entire populations in fluoridated areas have 10 percent lower I.Q. then in non -fluoridated populations.

Diane: I wonder what happened to me? (laughs)

Dr. Jim: And me... (laughs)

Diane: When I had braces as a kid, I was given fluoride tablets to help prevent cavities.

Dr. Jim: Fluoride drops and tablets are no longer on the market or prescribed by pediatricians.

Diane: Why?

Dr. Jim: There were lawsuits, because it was causing fluorosis of the teeth. Fluorosis causes the chalky appearance in the teeth I talked of earlier.

Diane: What the heck is the position of the ADA on fluoridation?

Dr. Jim: They support it 110 percent. They believe fluoridation is the best thing since sliced bread.

Diane: Why?

Dr. Jim: I´m not sure. I know that with the mercury issue, they have patents on different amalgam products. It certainly could be a monetary thing. Maybe they have patents on fluorosilicylicic acid. The ADA chooses to believe that fluoridation reduces decay, even though science has proved this to be false.

What is occurring is the mass medicating of our population with a toxic poison. And the initial reason for doing so, research shows, doesn´t even come close to being valid.

Diane: So would you say that 100 percent of the water in the U.S. is being fluoridated?

Dr. Jim: No. I would say about 70 percent of our communities´ waters are fluoridated, 95 percent with the new form called fluorosilicilic acid.

But one good thing is that less and less of the remaining water is being fluoridated, because government councils and city commissioners are wising up. They are listening to antifluoride advocates.

However, it is very difficult to remove fluoride once it is in place, because of the necessary signatures required to get the issue onto a voting ballot.

Diane: Let´s talk about bottled water. Having lived in South Florida for the last 16 years, most of the city water was disgusting and some of the wellwater as well, so much of the entire state drinks bottled water.

Dr. Jim: If there is fluoride in bottled water it has to say so on the label. I do know that you can go into the baby section of the grocery store and find bottled water with fluoride added. Isn´t that insane?

Diane: How about all the television commercials advertising the benefits of fluoride in toothpaste? You said to me once that there´s enough fluoride in a tube of toothpaste to drop someone on their knees.

Dr. Jim: Absolutely. To kill them. If you had a child that could somehow swallow a tube of toothpaste, that would cause acute poisoning and possible death.

Diane: I notice that even in the health-food stores there are toothpastes with fluoride in them. I´m thinking specifically of Tom´s toothpaste.

Dr. Jim: I became aware of Tom´s toothpaste fifteen years ago when the company was very health conscious. They sold themselves out, in my opinion, when they added fluoride. They did this so that the ADA would endorse them. It was a marketing tool, and they sell more toothpaste because of it.

It is really unfortunate. I thought they were really environmentally and health conscious people, but when they added fluoride they lost all credibility with me.

Diane: But still, health-food stores are probably the only places we can find toothpaste without fluoride in it, right?

Dr. Jim: Holistic dentists also sell fluoride-free toothpaste. I sell two kinds of toothpaste that do not contain fluoride.

Of course there is fluoride-free toothpaste sold in health-food stores, and I´m sure they are just fine. You just need to check the label. Tom´s is sold in all the health-food stores, and it has fluoride in it.

The key point is that you don´t want to buy toothpaste in a health-food store and automatically assume it doesn´t have fluoride in it just because you purchased it there. Read the label first.

Diane: Is there a list somewhere that says which cities are fluoridating the water?

Dr. Jim: You can contact Truth About Fluoride, Inc., P.O. Box 219, Buckeystown, Maryland 21717-0219, phone 301-874-2948 [see also States that Fluoridate Water).

Diane: Can you recommend any books on the fluoride conspiracy?

Dr. Jim: Yes. Fluoride, the Aging Factor, by Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, contains a thorough synopsis of the issue.

Diane: How do we find out if our community water supply is fluoridated?

Dr. Jim: You can call the municipal water works in your area and ask.

Diane: What do we do if we find out that our water is fluoridated?

Dr. Jim: Well, you can shower with it — very little is passed transdermally. You can bathe, wash, and even brush your teeth with it, as long as you spit it out. Just don´t drink it.

Diane: Then what? Buy bottled water?

Dr. Jim: Yes. You´ve got to take care of yourself.

Diane: Are there any filter systems that will take fluoride out of the water?

Dr. Jim: Most in-home systems will take it out.

Diane: What about charcoal systems such as Brita?

Dr. Jim: Those work as well.

Diane: I know that the whole thing about health of the mouth is such a huge issue these days and an important one.

Dr. Jim: Yes it is. Holistic physicians advise me that the mouth may be causative in 80 percent of disease syndromes today.[4]

Diane: If anyone had questions on this issue would you be open to email?

Dr. Jim: Sure. People can email me at JWMedlockDDS@aol.com. And our website will be up in about a month at MedlockDDS.com.


Silver fillings, as they are generally known by the public, contain 50 percent mercury. So they really should be called mercury fillings. Mercury is the second most toxic material known to man, plutonium being the first. And mercury vapor is an extremely toxic form of mercury, because it is so easily absorbed into the body. Yet mercury vapor outgases for the entire life of a dental filling. Biological dentists do not recommend this type of material and, more importantly, we have a protocol to safely remove it from the patient´s mouth. We give the patient nutritional support before we begin, and during the procedure the patient, the doctor, and the dental assistant are protected. There are special air filters in the operatory and the patient is given oxygen during the removal process. The dentist and the dental assistant wear protective gas masks at this time. — JWM
These are areas where teeth were extracted and the socket was not thoroughly debrided or cleaned out. As a result, although the extraction heals over and looks all right in the mouth, there is a chronic area of either infection or dead bone. And dead bone is a medium for bacterial growth. We surgically remove and debride these areas. — JWM
Although there are over 4 million root-canal procedures in the U.S. each year, we know now from research that none of the teeth involved ever become sterile. There are miles and miles of what is called micro dentinal tubules and streptococcus bacteria that hang out in that nice warm, oxygen-free environment. In the presence of mercury, these bacteria become super-toxins. Many toxicologists say that this type of infection is the culprit for much of the chronic degenerative disease that is running rampant in today´s society. — JWM
Besides the syndromes described above, periodontal disease may cause heart attacks! Even on CNN, it´s been reported that the bacteria found in periodontal disease is probably what is responsible for the creation of plaque in the arteries that can lead to stroke and cardiovascular disease. It´s also known that if an expectant mother has periodontal disease, her chances of giving birth to a low-weight, premature infant are increased. — JWM
Anonymous Coward
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12/02/2005 04:06 AM
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Re: Fluoride and the Poisoning of America´s Water
Its good for my teeth, that why I drink and shower in the stuff ROFL

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United States
12/02/2005 04:23 AM
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Re: Fluoride and the Poisoning of America´s Water
what´s the date of this article? URL?

all for new peeps learning stuff, but keep it current

p.s. go gold! love my crowns.