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Message Subject Nuclear power and nuclear weapons are a HOAX. They don't exist!
Poster Handle Cat Mouth
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How could Japan shut down; all its nuclear plants just recently and still function as one of the world's largest
economy with just a news byline?
[link to www.huffingtonpost.com]

The fact of the matter is that Nuclear power and nuclear weapons are a HOAX. All so called nuke tests were hoaxed and faked. The official pictures? Completely doctored, even on Google earth.

I Bet NONE OF YOU have gone to visit those "nuclear craters" in the first place so how do you know they exist?

Nuke plants are there just for show believe it or not because our fake system loves pumping in money to fake projects to keep us all decived of the true reality of things.

NUCLEAR is an anagram for UNCLEAR.

And that is exactly the reason why WW3 won't happen because the stage is being set for disclosure.
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