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Message Subject Nuclear power and nuclear weapons are a HOAX. They don't exist!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Normally the truth is more stranger than fiction.

Genuine truthseekers reading this, ask yourselves, why do you think so many people on this thread are quick to defend nuclear power/nukes when they themselves have only been told it somehow "exists" by the mainstream media, "official pictures and videos" and several text books?

The bigger the lie, the more believable it is - Adolf Hitler

 Quoting: 42 27 33 16308897

there are two very different things in being a "truthseeker" and just being a downright "jackass"..no offense to you of course.

Truth is.. my dad works at a nuclear powered plant as a engineer in Byron, Illinois. I myself have even went there with my father when i was younger when he gave me, my mom and sister a tour of the plant. I seen the reactors with my own eye's..hell to this day i can see the reactors in the far off distance spewing out white smoke. Here is a pic of the reactors near my house [link to media.gazettextra.com]

Just a tip: If you got some weird fetish to start up a conspiracy...eh, put a bit more research into the idea of it first..because this one aint working too well bro..votes will show that clearly, mark my words.

Im so done with this thread...


PS anyone who quotes Mr.Hitler is a moran to boot!!
 Quoting: Cat Mouth

Suuuurreeee Cat Mouth, "your dad works at a nuke plant" just like how my "uncle is an insider for JP Morgan".

lmao You shills are all the same.
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