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Martial Law, Foreign Troops and Other PsyWar Tricks

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United States
12/02/2005 06:43 AM
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Martial Law, Foreign Troops and Other PsyWar Tricks
The Psywar continues, with Rep. Ron Paul hyping it up that foreign troops are mobilizing for a martial law takeover by the Bush administration.

"Itīs a horrible precedent and itīs all part of the NAFTA scheme and globalization and world government," Paul told the Alex Jones Show."Theyīre putting their back up against the wall and saying, if need be weīre going to have martial law."

Wrong. Itīs not martial law you have to worry about.

Itīs disinfo frauds like this f**ker --with his mesage of subtle intimidation.

The idea is to try cow political opposition by use of these overblown Psywar threats. Thatīs always been the idea behind the Alex Jones show -where over-the-top ranting is the New World Order of the day and Ron Paul is a regular feature.

Paul is the showman of token resistance in Congress. It a tough job --pretending that there is still a voice for ordinary people in the U.S. corridoors of power-- but, hey, somebodyīs gotta do it.

Meanwhile, Mark Whitney, courtesy of Uruknet.info, is gleefully playing up the Pentagon v. America against the backdrop of a fake terror attack to cow Congress.

Em... you mean Congress is some kind of opponent of the imperial fascist machine? Eh? Whoudīa thunk it.

Get a grip.

Ron Paulīs charade is reminiscent of some of other political playboys, also wheeled out to peddle anti-establishment rhetoric --on behalf of the establishment.

Notably Geroge Galloway who covers the anti-war beat; and the UKīs Michael Meacher, who with ex-German Intel oversight boss, Andreas von Bulow --both cover the 9/11 issue, for the same G8 establishment.

Anyway, that Mike Whitney article --in an effort to lend credibility to itīs disinfo-- does link to something substantial amid all the dross: a CFR task force reporton making Canada, Mexico and the US into one, integrated "free trade" nation.

Presumably, you are going to be so relieved that the United States of NAFTA comes about without an overt coup, that you will welcome it with open arms. Just as you will run from Bush into Hillaryīs welcoming G8 eliteocracy.

Joking aside, despite the hype, there is no danger of coup. It might only provoke actual resistance. Perish the thought!

The eliteīs bark is worse than their bite.

Who needs a coup when itīs much better to slowly boil away propleīs resistance with this type of Psywar.

More at the link:
[link to breakfornews.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 35408
United States
12/02/2005 06:56 AM
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Re: Martial Law, Foreign Troops and Other PsyWar Tricks
Ron Paul is an honest congressman. full stop!

I donīt think any of his warnings are over-blown and I will tell you why.

Do you think we will let the Unholy trinity just go quietly into the night?

1>- Bush will be tried and executed for 911.
nobody is going to kill 3k folk and get a pass.

2>- Cheney as above.

3>- Dumsfeld to face life imprisonment for war crimes!

these guys with the exception of the nitwit in the white-house know what is in store and like a rat in a corner, they will fight.

what have they got to loose?
Handful (OP)

User ID: 37003
United States
12/02/2005 07:03 AM
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Re: Martial Law, Foreign Troops and Other PsyWar Tricks
They have nothing to lose because none of those things are going to happen to the bushies. Itīs scripted disinfo by a congressman/disinfo hack. Ron Paul is one of them. Period. The sites that publish his crap are controlled disinfo sites as well. Anyone with an IQ greater than a Bush can see that.