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Message Subject Whatever happened to Stephen Ivens?
Poster Handle ChvyV8Bldr
Post Content
Why DID this story get buried?

It's just my own personal theory, but here goes:

What if....his running around loose somewhere in the Country is the reason that the great big meltdown riot in Chicago which was supposed to usher in martial law DIDN'T HAPPEN?

What if...he was privy somehow, either deliberately or he just stumbled upon it, to information about who was REALLY behind the riot-that-wasn't? Since TPTB (or the current Administration) didn't want to be publicly revealed as masterminding the whole thing, they just let it fizzle out on its own.

I read many, many comments which said that the Chicago un-riot was the lamest, gayest, (insert insulting term here) demonstration which they'd ever seen. Someone even compared it to the one in Seattle and said that "by now we'd have been seeing burning police cars" (not that I'm advocating anything like that, but he was pointing out the lack of "enthusiasm" in the Chicago get-together). Given the numerical strength of the police presence, they were EXPECTING a HUGE whoop-de-doo. WHY DIDN'T IT HAPPEN?

Add that to the fact that over 150 LEO's haven't found him, "suicided" or not, and that suddenly it's become unimportant for citizens to be looking for him (if he had been a bank robber, there would have been updates on every broadcast - even if nothing were happening they'd still be saying that "sheriffs and police in 5 states are on alert", or something similar) leads me to believe that they WANT us to just let it slip out of our attention and memory. And it will - America suffers from national A.D.D.!

Oh, they'll find him. Someday. But WE will never hear about it.

All according to plan. bump
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